Pooh and I tried a new place for dinner tonight. We went to Tao since we heard some good things from our co-workers. There was a 20 minute wait but since we couldn’t think of anywhere else to go we decided to TRY and wait patiently. I was starving! My stomach felt like it was going to eat itself. Fortunately, the time passed rather quickly. I liked that they took phone numbers down and called when our table was ready. Next time we’ll just grab a coffee at the Starbucks around the corner while we wait for the call.

Tao is a small humble restaurant but the food is full of big bold flavors. If you’re a fan of spicy foods then you’ll LOVE this place. I absolutely love spicy food so I was very excited. The menu had a large selection but didn’t seem too overwhelming. I was also impressed with their equally large and enticing vegetarian menu. We didn’t order off of the vegetarian menu but I am definitely going to the next time we eat there.

They gave us a complimentary salad while we waited for our orders. It was a refreshing and delicious spring salad with nuts, raspberry vinaigrette, and their amazing homemade tofu. I really enjoyed the salad. It’s definitely a good sign of what’s to come when the house salad tastes delicious.

We both started with the Garlic Chicken Wings Appetizer. They were frikkin awesome! They were deep fried and glazed with the most incredible spicy and tangy sauce. Definitely one of the best chicken wings I’ve ever had. I don’t normally like to eat with my hands, but I was getting down and dirty chowing down those wings! I was more than happy to lick the sauce off of every finger. :)

Pooh ordered the Red Chicken Entree with Brown Rice. I had a couple bites and loved how juicy and tender the chicken was. The sauce packed a punch but wasn’t too spicy where all you can taste is the burning of your tongue. I could taste all of the different flavors in the dish instead of just one muddle spicy note. Delicious!

I ordered the Garlic Fish. I’ve been craving some homemade Fried Talapia lately so I thought I’d try the Garlic Fish. It definitely is nothing like Fried Talapia but omg was it yummy! The outside was nice and crunchy; the inside was soft and buttery. The textures definitely blended well together and so did the flavors. We both ordered our dishes with a spiciness of 9 out of 10 so they were both pretty hot!

I am definitely glad we tried Tao for dinner tonight. We’ll definitely be visiting the place a lot!

After dinner Pooh and I headed to BabyCakes for some Tea and Bread Pudding :) Gotta have yummy desert after yummy dinner!