So…Pooh’s been asking me what I want for my birthday. I don’t really want anything, and there’s nothing that I absolutely must have. I’ve been saving up for a nice Rolex but don’t want to shell out quite yet – especially since we just filed our taxes…ouch. I also don’t know what I want to do to celebrate my birthday either.

I guess right now I feel like I want to keep holding it off so I don’t have to face the fact that I’m getting older. I know, I know, I’m not OLD…but I’m getting oldER. I’m inching closer and closer to 30 and I’m a bit disappointed in myself. I want to do something great by the time I turn 30. I still don’t know what exactly what I want to do with my life. I’m happy with where I’m at but I’m still finding myself and haven’t quite found my niche. I am definitely proud of my accomplishments and think I’ve gone pretty far. I just want to make my mark in this world. Perhaps I’m meant for greatness. I always wanted to be a ninja. :)

Well, I do have my blog…maybe someday this blog will launch me into something great! Only time will tell.

Anyway, if I there was anything on my wishlist, it would be a Samsung TL225 or an iMac since my laptop is old and shitty. Er…no offense (don’t completely break on me!), I do love my Vaio but it dies the moment I move the AC adaptor. I did already get myself a Nexus One so I think I’m pleased with what I have. Of course, the gadget freak in me wouldn’t mind a few more toys. I do look forward to having an amazing dinner with my Poohburr above all things. He’s the best birthday gift…especially naked!

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  1. Sheen says:

    Aw. So sweet. I love it when you wrote “He’s the best birthday gift..especially naked!” hahahhahaa :)

  2. vondraye says:

    dinner pictures okay?
    WE dont mind seeing that “birthday gift.”

    anyways, a sexy dancing gay ninja, i like that idea!


    You’re kidding righT? about finding your mark? You already made your mark tigz… you have nooooooooooo idea how you’ve been an inspiration to us… so cheer up, you just need to open your sexy eyes more to see that you’ve already done it.

  3. Michael says:

    Don’t waste your money on Rolex, as there is non such thing as a “nice” Rolex, that is a contradiction like a hot Pope. Go for something more classy like a Officine Panerai or A. Lange & Söhne or Patek Philippe. Leave the Rolex to Russian hookers and their pimps.

    Anyway with that naked Poohburr you are more than lucky already! Hope you’ll enjoy your special day… ;o)

    • Tiggah says:

      @Michael – I agree on the Rolex, I’d much rather prefer a Panerai because I love the nice large clean dial, but lately I’ve been trying on stainless Datejusts on oyster bracelets and they’ve kind of been growing on me (w/ a black roman dial). I also want a watch on a bracelet; Panerais only look good to me on a strap. Patek Philippe is way out of my price range (well, the one’s I actually like)…and a bit too dressy for me…perhaps if I were much older I’d be able to rock one. Aside from Panerai I also love IWC’s timepieces…they’re definitely one of my favorite watch companies as well. I LOVE the Port 7 day but it’s much too large for my wrist. I haven’t made my mind completely yet…but believe me…I’ve been going back and fourth on what kind of watch I want since it’s a lot of money for something that I could just use my cell phone for.

  4. Justin says:

    I hope you have a happy bday! I celebrated mine yesterday…tax day baby…which kinda sucks:( oh well! Have a good one tho! April bdays are the best!

  5. macoi frm manila says:

    Material things…. naaahhh, it loses away!
    Just stay happy my friend, specially on your birthday.

    Always stay in good health/shape and…

    WORLD PEACE! :-)

  6. vondraye says:

    hey you are really good dancer =)

  7. Anonymous says:

    You are a successful drunk.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Tig you are very talented you dance, choreography, write, and paint. You need tofully develop one of these talent; the world needs you. Plus your a good person.

  9. maccallister says:

    a ninja?haha thats funny. anyway advance happy b-day.a nice dinner will be fine without those gadgets,its much practical…

  10. ryan says:

    Hi Tigz I been follwing your blog for 3 yrs now I am happy the way things goes with you and your Pooh, I just noticed that Pooh doesnt have much naked pics in your new blogsite (the old one has few but blurred pics and sometimes conservative shots) I would love to see Pooh one day in your Blog totally naked! I am willing to trade my Rolex for that epic shot!


  11. Michael says:

    Wow, I see you’ve got good taste. Unfortunately an expensive one. I would love to say come over for the watch fair, but we always rent out our place for the time, for obvious reasons if you’ve read that bit here:

    Anyway, if you should come to Switzerland at any other time (The Art and Design fair is spectacular as well and we never miss it), you would be welcome here.

  12. histrionicperson says:

    happy birthday!!!

  13. daemon says:

    happy birthday tiggz =)

  14. daemon says:

    happy birthday tiggz… =)

  15. quarkinator says:

    happy one year closer to retirement day!

  16. Justin says:

    happy birthday!!!

  17. Michael says:

    A belated happy birthday! Hope you had a great night out with your man and all the things you wished for above!

    Big birthday hug from Basel

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