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Pooh and I had dinner at Ortega’s Mexican Bistro tonight. I was grumpy since we just got out of work and we couldn’t decide on a place to eat. Our friend David had recommended Ortegas before so we thought we’d give it a shot. Pooh ordered a Kobe Beef Bistek and I ordered the Grilled Dorado Veracruz. I had a taste of Pooh’s entree and thought it was incredible. I honestly preferred his dish more than mine. I really enjoyed my entree, but I LOVED the Kobe Beef. It was incredibly juicy and full of flavor. My grilled mahi mahi was cooked perfectly and the dish had nice bold flavors, but I guess I was just in the mood for a big piece of meat tonight. Since we still had to work out tonight, we decided to just share a margarita. LOL.

Almond Margarita….mmmmmmmmm! It was not too sweet and not too salty. Yum!



Thought I’d make a quick post to say…OMG…I can’t wait to get out of work! So tired :)



Just to clear the air, this is my facebook profile.

Surprisingly, there are several fake profiles on Facebook and Myspace with guys using my pics that say they’re from Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico, Canada, New Jersey (o.O) random. These guys have like 1000+ friends and I only have frikkin 400 friends listed – and I add everyone that requests to add me! If you read my blog, you would know that I live in San Diego, California and that I SPEAK ENGLISH. As much as I understand tagalog, I never knew how to speak it and I sure as hell don’t know how to type it.

Honestly, it doesn’t really bother me much that they are using my pics because I can’t really do much about it and it’s just a thing that goes with having my pics on the internet. What bothers me is that there are a lot of people that added them as a friend that read my blog! My so called “loyal blog readers” should know that I never type in tagalog and that I don’t live in Cabuyao Philippines. It’s not that I have anything against typing in tagalog it’s just I really don’t know how. LOL…besides, my dad’s Kapangpangan and my mom’s Tagalog. They spoke both and it confused me so I had trouble picking it up as a kid.

Anyway, I guess I’ll take em as fan sites or something :P I just think it’s sad that the fake profiles are more popular than my real profile :(



A couple weeks ago Pooh and I went to Babbo Grande for brunch. This was our first official Date-Day. Pooh thought it’d be nice to have a time away from our busy schedules to spend quality time together, aside from sitting around watching TV together and going out drinking with friends.

Brunch was great! I got the daily lunch special – spaghetti and a side salad for only 5 bucks! Pooh got scrambled eggs and and a side of potatoes. We also had to try a crepe for dessert since we heard their Crepes were amazing. We shared a Carmen Caramel Crepe w/ a scoop of ice cream. It WAS amazing! I highly recommend trying this place out if you’re in the mood for a good crepe.



Pooh and I have been doing “Date Day” the past couple of Mondays. For those of you that have been following my Twitter, you probably already knew this. :) I’ve been meaning to post about them but my procrastination has been getting the best of me. Luckily, we’ve only been doing Date Day the past 4 weeks so I don’t have too much catching up to do.



I’ve updated my blogroll. If you missed the last post about me updating my blogroll, you can comment on this post and I’ll add you.

I also made a little banner link for PLU Blogs that I thought you guys might want to use on your own sites to link my blog.




I just uploaded the pics Tigguhh took last night. Technically this is week 5 or so but since I stopped working out for a week when I had a cold, I figure it’s best to start over. I was going to just take some pics to show my progress but Tigguhh ended up coming out to play a bit. I thought I’d go Old School and bust out the webcam. Haven’t used it in such a long time since I never have much alone time.

(The following is intended for viewers ages 18 and older. If you are not of this age please do not hit the following link. Also, if you know me personally, I’d recommend you avert your eyes. It…would just be best…trust me. :P )




I’ve been feeling good about my P90x workouts the past week. I just finished taking some pics and will be posting them as soon as I get my watermark on my “naughty” images. :)



So…I need to get away. I think I’m in need of a little vacation so Pooh and I are off to LA to party with our friend Flo for the weekend. I’ll post about our little adventure soon!



Since I had a cold I unfortunately fell off of the working out wagon. Now that I’m feeling better, aside from the headaches I’ve been having the past couple of days, I’m getting back into working out. Pooh and I have been doing 90x and I really like it! The guy leading the workouts on the videos can get kind of annoying but the workouts are pretty intense and I actually have fun doing them.

We’ve been doing P90x for about 4 weeks now but since I stopped for a week, I think I’m starting over at week 1. Of course, it’s not magic…I’m not expecting results in a day. I’ll be posting my progress and hopefully we’ll see a difference within a couple of months. :)

Week 1 : RAWWRRR!!!!

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