Just to clear the air, this is my facebook profile.

Surprisingly, there are several fake profiles on Facebook and Myspace with guys using my pics that say they’re from Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico, Canada, New Jersey (o.O) random. These guys have like 1000+ friends and I only have frikkin 400 friends listed – and I add everyone that requests to add me! If you read my blog, you would know that I live in San Diego, California and that I SPEAK ENGLISH. As much as I understand tagalog, I never knew how to speak it and I sure as hell don’t know how to type it.

Honestly, it doesn’t really bother me much that they are using my pics because I can’t really do much about it and it’s just a thing that goes with having my pics on the internet. What bothers me is that there are a lot of people that added them as a friend that read my blog! My so called “loyal blog readers” should know that I never type in tagalog and that I don’t live in Cabuyao Philippines. It’s not that I have anything against typing in tagalog it’s just I really don’t know how. LOL…besides, my dad’s Kapangpangan and my mom’s Tagalog. They spoke both and it confused me so I had trouble picking it up as a kid.

Anyway, I guess I’ll take em as fan sites or something :P I just think it’s sad that the fake profiles are more popular than my real profile :(

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  1. doc says:

    hey tiggah! i was about to tell you that cause i saw the other day a profile using your pics and been commenting on some profiles. i’m saddened that this people uses your image and enjoying their fake identities.
    how about watermark your images?

    take care!

  2. fioco says:

    …Wow, that’s like scouring Chinatown in search of fake Gucci bags when there’s a closet full of real ones at home. You’re authentic, the real deal, a fave for a reason. Don’t feel sad for sad sacks. Celebrate your freedom of spirit, your kindness of spirit, your openness to others. I don’t face book, but I recognize quality.

  3. vondraye says:

    if you’re really uncomfortable having those fake profiles, you can actually report them to facebook so that they’ll be removed.

  4. Jimbo says:

    its sad that you’ve come across or have found people using your profile pics and claiming to be you. i guess they just need someone to hide behind since you are very..hmmm very well versed, spoken, cultured and a whole bunch more. Keep up the good work, i’ve been an avid reader of your website and find that its nice that there are normal filipino’s out there that can write about themselves and feel good about it.

  5. Ah….They joys of dealing with idiots. :)

  6. anon says:

    Are you sure that you aren’t the one who has taken the alter ego of the person in the pictures lol? You say you don’t write in Tagalog, but if I remember correctly both you and Pooh speak Japanese. You seem to like Japanese food alot. And in all the picture there are a lot Asian/ Oriental people in the pictures kind of like the pictures were taken in the Philippines or some Asian country. One other thing is that you’re an exhibitionist but yet all your naked pictures have a “I look bad” disclaimer attached. I think we are looking at the wrong people as imposters.

    • Tiggah says:

      Lol I have a lot of asian friends but most of my posts are about me going to LA, clubs in sd, and restaurants in SD. My videos on youtube also show my real name as well as my facebook. Haha it would just be too elaborate and time consuming to make these fake profiles myself. I’m glad you remember that I speak japanese. I took japanese in high school. Pooh also grew up in japan since he was a navy brat….which explains why we like japanese culture and food so much :)

  7. Mike says:

    They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery….

  8. anon says:

    I was of course kidding, but it is an interesting concept. We all assume that you are the person in the pictures but what if it wasn’t you?

  9. calltheshots says:

    haha. that’s cute how ur sad about it. i know i would too!

  10. calltheshots says:

    I meant sad about the fake profiles being more popular than yours. i guess u gotta step it up a notch then. jk =)

  11. Imanhorn says:

    Looks to me those are Mafia Wars or other FB game profile hehe.

    I remember one SEO friend who uses pictures of porn stars (yes, PORN stars lol) in their profiles to get lots of FB game users like farmville, mafia etc. They’d reach thousands, especially Mafia mass adds.

    So then they can spam their wall and since the user has sexy pictures, their friends will go right in and click them. Adds about 100 clicks in traffic. It’s free and best of all, the SEO can play his favorite FB game.

  12. Hazen says:

    Those fake profiles are not more popular than the real profile. The people using those profiles are spamming others to ask them to be friends, maybe sending out 100s of friend requests every day. You don’t spam other people.

    Indeed imitation is flattery. You have the best blog I have seen, your photos are both artistic and erotic, but more important than anything is that you take the time to email etc. with your blog readers.

    You are 1000s more popular than any imitator.

    • Tiggah says:

      Thanks Hazen :) well I try to respond as much as I can…since I posted my facebook page, my inbox has been flooded with add requests and messages. I wish they had a multi add function. :P

  13. sugarpop says:

    hey tiggah, you should learn to..
    imma filipino and kapampangan too ^^,

  14. rolito gonzalo says:

    i know that you are more popular than the fake tiggah profile… stay cool and tc always…


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