OMG…Pooh and I had an amazing dinner at Sushi Deli 3 tonight. I honestly have no idea what we ordered but man was it delicious. We also had some sake bombs to keep us warm since it was FREEZING outside!

We thought it’d be nice to spend the rest of the night at home since it’s too cold to go out and do anything. Pooh whipped up a concoction consisting of Kahlua Mocha, Vanilla Vodka, Silly Cow Farms Hot Chocolate from Whole Foods (that shit is amazing!), topped with whipped cream. This warm treat is definitely yummy in my tummy! :) MMMMmmmmmmm!

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1 Comments to “SUSHI DELI 3 and SPIKED HOT COCOA”

  1. JT says:

    Mmmm, gotta love Sushi Deli 3 and their cheap-ass sake and beer specials.

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