Pooh and I are currently headed to Las Vegas – only 60 miles to go! We don’t have work until Tuesday so we’ll be planning the next couple days based on spontaneity and as little logic as possible. We’re thinking of maybe heading to LA on Sunday and spending the rest of the weekend there.

Anyway, Pooh decided to drive the whole way through so I can relax since I’ve been stressed out. Unfortunately, I couldn’t relax because his crazy driving was making me nervous. I can’t wait until we finally arrive. Our friends Joanna and Aubrey will be meeting us in Vegas tonight. Our other friends Kelly and Suki will be joining us tomorrow. Yup…we’re partying with lesbians this New Years. Our good friend Gian will be celebrating with us as well so Pooh and I won’t be the only gay boys. He’s providing us all a place to stay. Very sweet of him!

In case I am too inebriated to post tomorrow…I’d like to wish everyone a very happy new year!!! Best wishes in 2010! :)