Pooh and I felt like being adventurous on Sunday and had lunch at Muzita Bistro. It was happy hour so it was perfect for us to try a couple different things. We were pleasantly surprised and delighted by the bold flavors, beautiful presentation, and great service.

The Prawns were amazing! They were extremely tasty, succulent, and flavorful. I cannot wait to try the main entree featuring these prawns.

The Calamari was delicious! They were cornmeal crusted calamari with a really yummy dipping sauce. The limes and lemons were seasoned with flavored sea salt. They were so good that we wanted to order more but decided to wait on our Sliders.

The Sliders were incredible! They were Lamb Sliders with a side of fried potatoes. I don’t normally eat lamb but Pooh wanted to try it. The Sliders had a twang and kick that was different but tasty.

Aside from the delicious food, the ambiance was great, and our waiter was really nice (and very handsome). Pooh and I definitely will be returning to Muzita Bistro for dinner to try out their main entrees. I can’t wait!