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I’ve just uploaded a new gallery filled with our fun packed Pride weekend!

Pooh and I spent Friday night hangin out with our buds walking all around Hillcrest. We were going to go to Fiesta but there was a huge line and we were too intoxicated to wait in lines. It felt like Six Flags all over Hillcrest! Lines for the ATMs, lines to get into the clubs, lines at the bar, lines at the restrooms…you get the point. Anyway, we ended up at 1st on Fifth and had a blast!

I’ll be posting highlights throughout the week. :) Stay tuned!

::Change of subject::
For those of you that follow my Twitter…you must have been wondering what was going on between me and Pooh on Saturday. Don’t worry, we didn’t break up and nor will we ever! :) We got into a pretty bad argument that escalated way beyond where it needed to – and the heavy drinking all day didn’t help. Fortunately, Pooh and I were able to calm down and talk things out. Things aren’t always peachy and we’ve had pretty bad arguments before. The good thing is that we’re able to work through the rough moments and let our love keep us strong. :) Aside from the issues we were having on Saturday, Pooh and I were able to enjoy the rest of our weekend.



This week has been pretty exhausting. I’ve been working my day job and then teaching dance right after. Pooh and I can’t wait untill this weekend! We have Saturday off so we can celebrate pride weekend in San Diego. We don’t quite know what our plans are in terms of night time events…but we usually play that stuff by ear. I’ll be sure to post plenty of pictures. Happy pride everyone!



So I started up a new class at our brand new studio. I haven’t really been doing much teaching until recently. The new studio has been open for a while but I just haven’t blogged about it. I guess I’ve been trying to keep my “work life” separate from my “blog life” but oh well…they’re both one in the same. I blog about my life, and my life unfortunately is mostly work. :P

This clip is from this past Thursday’s class. I hope you like it! Oh and uhm…yea…comments on both my blog and on the youtube video are very much appreciated!



Pooh and I felt like being adventurous on Sunday and had lunch at Muzita Bistro. It was happy hour so it was perfect for us to try a couple different things. We were pleasantly surprised and delighted by the bold flavors, beautiful presentation, and great service.

The Prawns were amazing! They were extremely tasty, succulent, and flavorful. I cannot wait to try the main entree featuring these prawns.

The Calamari was delicious! They were cornmeal crusted calamari with a really yummy dipping sauce. The limes and lemons were seasoned with flavored sea salt. They were so good that we wanted to order more but decided to wait on our Sliders.

The Sliders were incredible! They were Lamb Sliders with a side of fried potatoes. I don’t normally eat lamb but Pooh wanted to try it. The Sliders had a twang and kick that was different but tasty.

Aside from the delicious food, the ambiance was great, and our waiter was really nice (and very handsome). Pooh and I definitely will be returning to Muzita Bistro for dinner to try out their main entrees. I can’t wait!



While we were relaxing in beautiful San Francisco, we explored Japan Town. It made me really want to visit Japan!

Japanese Poohbear!

We wandered into the Japan Center, which from the outside looked small, but inside we discovered a huge mall!

One of my favorite treats! I love redbean fishies!

Does that sign say what I think it says?

It was nice having Japan Town nearby so we can grab a bite to eat. It was extremely quite and peaceful…the complete opposite of the crazy partying we were experiencing at Pride each day. I definitely wouldn’t mind staying at Hotel Tomo the next time we visit San Francisco.

More highlights from our trip to come! Stay tuned!



Pooh David and I stayed at the Hotel Tomo in Japan town during our trip.

Our room was adorable! It was cute, comfy, and refreshing. Pooh and I had to snap as many pics as we could!

Japanese Comics!!!


We figured that while we were in Japan town and were staying in a Japanese Pop Culture inspired Hotel, that we’d have Japanese chasers for our vodka!

Unfortunately the iPod dock in our room was broken so we had to ask them to bring up another one…the replacement was broken too :(

We had lots of fun just hangin out in our Hotel.

Sadly we had to say goodbye to Hotel Tomo, and to SF.

If you’d like to view all of the images from Hotel Tomo on our SF Pride trip, you can continue here.



I thought I’d make a quick post. If you haven’t been following my twitter (located to the right on my sidebar), I’ve had a pretty bad fever the past 2 days. Poohburr dun got me sick and gave me his flu! Fortunately my temperature has finally gone down, my fever’s gone, and thank goodness my headache went away too!

I just wanted to jump on my blog and wish everyone a happy 4th of July and to have a wonderful, and safe, independence day weekend!



Hmm…so I’m unsearchable at this moment.  Apparently new accounts are not in the search index.  Hopefully they’ll rectify this soon!

In the meanwhile, if you’d like to add me on Twitter.  You can follow me here:



On our last day in SF Pooh, David, and I had brunch with a friend before we left for San Diego. He’s been a fan of my blog for a LONG TIME, and has even been a fan even before my blog. It was great to be able to spend some time together before we headed out.  We were going to go to some place called Cafe Mystere, but we were sitting for quite a long time waiting for a waiter to take our order.  We were much too hungry so we decided to eat elsewhere.  The 4 of us ended up having brunch at a Dim Sum place in the Castro.  Unfortunately, it was not so great and Pooh’s cup of water had someone’s lipstick on the brim!  Despite the mediocre food, Al was very hospitable.  It was also very sweet of Al to give me and Pooh a little souvenier to remember our time in SF – a beautiful bottle of St. Germain liqueur!  Pooh and I will definitely save it for a special occasion.  Thanks again!

There’s more highlights from our SF Pride trip to come!  Stay tuned!


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