Last Minute Holiday Shopping & Familiar Faces

Pooh and I went to the mall today to do some last minute shopping for our “Secret Santa” gifts. We are having our Company Christmas Party tomorrow night and we’re all exchanging gifts. Luckily, both of ours were easy to shop for. Thank goodness for Gift Cards. Some may think it’s impersonal, but I think it’s great to give someone the power to get something they’d actually like; especially when it’s a co-worker that you don’t quite know well enough to get a good gift that they’d love.

Of course, my eyes started wandering and I got distracted. We ended up spending way more on ourselves than what we were at the mall for. Oops. I picked up the Dolce & Gabbana cologne that was on my holiday wish list. Oops. I also got a bunch of stuff at the Gap just because they were on sale. Oops. But hey, Pooh got some stuff too! Oops!

We’re not quite done with our holiday shopping yet. Pooh has taken all spending privileges away from me so we can make sure we get stuff for our family and friends. It’s just so hard when everything is on sale!

On our way to grab some holiday cards, gift bags, and tissue paper at Ralph’s, we ran into a fellow blogger! It was Victor from MOC Blog. I’ve only met him in person once and I’m very horrible at remembering faces, so I was quite embarrassed when he got our attention and I didn’t quite remember who he was. He looked familiar, and yet I couldn’t put my finger on it. The MOC blog is one of the very first blogs that I became a fan of so it was very nice to have run into him. I’ve always admired his writing style and found him to be very witty and eloquent. I remember when I first started blogging and he did a post on my blog. It was kind of like being in Janet Jackson’s fanclub and Janet Jackson personally sending you a message or something.

After Ralph’s we headed to Blockbuster’s to return Tomb Raider: Underworld in exchange for Prince of Persia. Yup, this Friday night is a Blockbuster night! How exciting! Unfortunately, the excitement had to come to a quick halt since Pooh took Nyquil and is now passed out beside me as I type this post. Ah well, there’s always tomorrow after our company party.