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Have yourself some Pooh :)

For some of you that may have been at San Francisco Pride…you may have ran across a tent advertising Asian Men Redefined 2009‘s calendar. The model for march might have looked awfully familiar to many of you. Yes, Pooh modeled for March on the Asian Men Redefined 2009 calendar. I’m very proud of my Pooh!

Photography was by Dannydan Photography and the calendars are available for purchase. I’ll be posting more info about it as soon as their website has been updated with the new calendar.





Night at Richs…and then Flame…and then Richs?

Last night Pooh Tribal and I had margaritas at our place to cool off. We then decided to head over to Rich’s to get our groove on. It was pretty…empty…so we headed to The Flame to enjoy some 1 dollar well drinks (2 dollar tall well drinks). After a couple drinks, we headed back to Rich’s. I’m not quite sure why we went back exactly, but we ran into a couple friends. We had a lot of fun! We laughed, we danced, we drank, we drunkenly stumbled to a mexican restaurant for deep fried carne asada fries goodness…ahh yes, good times.


Wii Fit

We recently picked up Wii Fit. Pooh has been wanting it for some time now but we could never find a store that had it in stock. We finally got our hands on one!

The Wii Fit board is very innovative and accurate. It definitely is a very clever little device. It’s a great way to have fun and do a little work-out. I very much enjoy the yoga exercises and Pooh likes the strength and toning exercises. Wii Fit has a lot to offer. It looks like it might be easy…but it’s actually a lot harder than you might think.

Silly Pooh…you can’t get any exercise by playing like that!


Fun at the Pool!

This morning we cooled off by splashing around in Tribal’s pool.

Pooh was doing a little impression of The Little Mermaid. LOL.


Can you stand the heat?

Summer has finally arrived in San Diego. It’s been extremely hot and, unfortunately, I am not much of a summer person. Our apartment doesn’t have air conditioning so the best way to deal with the heat is to turn on all the fans and walk around the house naked.

Anyway, the Tigguhh side of me has come out a bit more because of the heat. I’ve posted some new pictures on my Flickr.

You can view the entire set here

(This link will expire after a week or so. If you’re not currently listed as a friend on flickr you will not be able to view the images after the link has expired. If you’d like to see all of my images that are marked as “private”, add me as a contact and I will then add you as well.)


Bday Bash at Jade Theatre

Pooh and I went to Jade Theatre this past Saturday to celebrate our friend Mark’s birthday. We’ve never been there before but I’ve read about the place. I was impressed with the interior and dining area. I didn’t know there was a club downstairs until the end of the night. Drinks were good but, of course, since it’s located in downtown they were downtown prices.

I definitely would like to try eating at their restaurant because it looked like a very nice place. We’ll give it a visit sometime soon :) Anyway, I’ve posted some photos from that night. Enjoy!

Here are some pics from the photobooth they had set up.


Sushi for dinner

Mm… We haven’t had ichiban in a while. I’ve missed it :)

New Toy!

…and it’s not electronic!

For those of you that don’t know already. I’m an artist. I love to paint, draw, and all that good stuff. One of my most favorite thing to do is Calligraphy. I’ve always been fascinated by typography, lettering, fancy handwriting, and “graffiti” ever since I was a kid. I was also into poetry so calligraphy and poetry went together nicely. When I was in junior high and high school I’d always be giving my friends fake tattoos. Anyway, aside from collecting Greygoose bottles and electronic gadgets, I also collect incredible writing instruments. This piece is the latest addition to my collection :) I’ve been wanting one of these for so long but never got it because it’s extremely expensive. I have several fountain pens but none as handsome as this one. This is a pen I definitely wouldn’t let anyone borrow :)

Mont Blanc Meisterstück Solitaire Doué Signum Classique Medium Point Fountain Pen
Fountain pen with piston converter, 18 K gold nib with platinum inlay, special design features Montblanc star logo engraved on black precious resin, platinum-plated cap inlaid with Montblanc white star, platinum-plated clip and rings. MSRP $790.00
Mont Blanc Ink bottle $11.90
(I take it the store isn’t relying on the ink to make their money…)

Each Pen is engraved with a unique identification number. ooOoooOh….

Piston converter to pump ink instead of having to use cartridges although cartridges can be used as well. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh….

Pooh wanted to model the pen for my blog…I think Mont Blanc should hire him. Don’t you?

Anyway, I am sure many of my readers probably aren’t as fascinated with the specs on a pen as much as I am. I just thought I’d share one of my random interests with you guys. :)


under the weather…way under

I’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately. Well…it seems more like “directly under a rainstorm” under. I think it’s stress related. It may even be that I’m going through some kind of mild depression or something. I was bored and googled my symptoms. Most of the links pointed to depression.

Minor depression is defined as a mood disturbance of at least 2 weeks’ duration, with between two and five symptoms of depression, including depressed mood, diminished interest, weight change, sleep disturbance, psychomotor changes, fatigue, feelings of worthlessness, poor concentration, and recurrent thoughts of death. Patients with this condition may have fewer vegetative symptoms (appetite, diurnal mood variation) and more subjective symptoms (self-blame, worry, irritability, lethargy).

I tell Pooh that I might be going through depression or some kind of pre-midlife-crisis but he thinks I’m just being facetious; and I am…kinda. I think we all use humor to hide our insecurities. I’m a very optimistic, happy, positive person. I don’t actually express my negative feelings and inner emotions very well. I usually keep those feelings to myself. I actually don’t really have anyone to speak to about my problems besides Pooh.

I don’t want to worry any of my readers or anything. It’s not like I’ve been properly diagnosed. I think it might just be that work has been really stressful. I’ve also been having some personal/relationship issues that I’ve been dealing with. I try to stay positive and tell myself that there is a gleam of light at the end of the tunnel, but my self responds back and says that it’s slowly fading.


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