Night at Richs…and then Flame…and then Richs?


Last night Pooh Tribal and I had margaritas at our place to cool off. We then decided to head over to Rich’s to get our groove on. It was pretty…empty…so we headed to The Flame to enjoy some 1 dollar well drinks (2 dollar tall well drinks). After a couple drinks, we headed back to Rich’s. I’m not quite sure why we went back exactly, but we ran into a couple friends. We had a lot of fun! We laughed, we danced, we drank, we drunkenly stumbled to a mexican restaurant for deep fried carne asada fries goodness…ahh yes, good times.

  • Hazen
    June 26, 2008

    What a most fascinating and diverse group of people represented on this blog.

  • Sh@ney
    June 29, 2008

    Thats what life is all about, fun times and great friends.
    You have the best of it all!