Random Road Trip & Shopping!

Pooh and I wanted to go shopping this weekend. We randomly decided to go to South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa off of Bristol on Monday to buy a couple things. I was worried because it was raining all day on Sunday. I was very happy to see that it was a beautiful day on our way up! I was so excited!

Before we left San Diego we had breakfast at Bread & Cie. Yum!

After we scarfed down our meal we made our way to shopping heaven!

2 pairs of shoes, a new suit, 5 shirts, 3 pairs of pants, and a hat later, we got a little hungry and had some bread pudding at Champagne. Champagne is one of my favorite places to get pastries! Unfortunately, there are no Champagne locations down here in San Diego. The closest one is 45 minutes away in Del Mar :( Worth it only if I were really really really craving it, but I’d probably just go to Extraordinary Desserts or Heaven Sent, etc.

Anyway, afterwards we continued our exploration of this “GINORMOUS” mall. (They even had a huge 2 story CRATE & BARREL!!! I was so excited!!!)

I find it funny how service is always very different depending on how we’re dressed whenever we go shopping. I always have a disadvantage whenever I go shopping because although I’m 24, I look like I’m 12 (of course, I’m exaggerating but you know what I mean…maybe I can pull off 16 :) Anyway, since I look young no one ever takes me seriously. I have a very strong customer service background from my previous work experiences so customer service, to me, is extremely important. I work in sales and sell very very very expensive stuff and one of the main things we’ve been taught is never to prejudge a client.

Anyway, Pooh and I like to dress funky…hiphop…comfortable…whatever. One time we went to West Elm and no one greeted us when we walked in. Normally I wouldn’t think much about it, even though a female worker walked right up to us and then turned the other way without saying a word. What did bother me was that as we left, two guys walk in and all of a sudden I hear that same female worker yelling from across the room “HI! WELCOME TO WEST ELM!”. Seriously. Was there not something wrong with that? Of course, maybe there are reasons as to why and why not. Maybe she had something on her mind…maybe she was busy…maybe we looked unapproachable…maybe it’s because they were white and we weren’t…maybe it’s because we look too young to be shopping there…maybe we weren’t dressed right…maybe Pooh’s sexiness caught her off guard…maybe it was just nothing and I’m thinking too much of it…or maybe since we’re asian we look like we don’t speak english? The main thing though is that maybe if someone would of stopped and gave me some customer service while I was there…then maybe I would of actually bought that $500 bookshelf I was going to buy as well as the pillows I was holding while I was looking around for someone to check on availability on the bookshelf. For the duration of not being “sold” or “closed”, I was able to tell myself…well maybe I don’t have to buy it now and I should just get it another time. If you have a sales person in front of you it often sways your reasons not to buy.

The funny thing though is I’d get treated WAY differently when I’m shopping right after work and I’m all dressed up in my work clothes. I actually get a “HI! WELCOME TO WEST ELM!” and even a “hello, are you finding everything alright? would you like me to set these items at the front counter for you so you don’t have to hold them while you look around?”. Geez. Don’t get me wrong…I’m not saying I’m flashing expensive clothes and bling bling to get special treatment. I just think that it’s strange that often times we’re judged solely based on our appearance. And unfortunately, we’re treated differently because of it. It’s not just West Elm, it’s everywhere. It’s true…Tyra even did a special on it! :) hahaha Anyway, I just randomly went off on a tangent. Sorry :( I love West Elm so who cares!

After a long day of shopping, Pooh and I headed back home to San Diego. We met up with Tribal for dinner at Olive Garden. It was good. Unfortunately, I’ve never been a fan. Tribal really loves the place though. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I didn’t really care much for it =X He was so excited that we were going somewhere he chose and really liked. Ah well. Pooh and I recommended that he grow out his “scruff” a day or two before we had dinner. He’s been growing it out since. I think it looks really good on him! I’ll post a picture soon. And yes, he’s single! :)