Vacation Day 2: New discovery!!! Bread & Cie

Pooh Tribal and I decided to try something new for breakfast. Everyday on the way to work Pooh and I would always drive past this place called “Bread & Cie: Bakery – Cafe”. It would always be packed and the outside seating would always be full. We’d wonder…”What the hell are all these people doing out there?! Don’t they have jobs?!” We’d always wonder what exactly is so great about that place…Why is it so popular?

So we decided to give it a try and see for ourselves!

Bread & Cie: Bakery Cafe – is truly magnificent! I now know why the place is always packed. The food is delicious! They had a great selection and the pastries looked to die for. The presentation is all in the food :)

Pooh had a Turkey Pesto Sandwich and a coffee. Tribal had the same.

For some reason, one item on the menu called out to me. I had to go with their PB&J. It’s deceptively simple, yet unique and complex in taste! The Peanut Butter was nice and crunchy with a lovely hint of cinnamon. The familiarity of PB and Jelly brought me back to my childhood but the new and exciting flavors tingled my matured palette. The sweet and sugary tastes were well balanced with the addition of cream cheese. It also came with a side of Sugar Pops! This sandwich will definitely light up a child’s face as well as bring out the inner child of a grown man.

Of course, I had to have a Hot Chocolate with my PB & J!

If you ever make your way to San Diego. Do try and stop by Bread & Cie!

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  • Jeff
    January 2, 2008

    I’ve been to Bread & Cie once, and I remember having the turkey pesto sandwich. It was SO good, and there was so much pesto, which I love!