Vacation Day 3: Road Trip!

Pooh Tribal and I decided to go to Los Angeles on Saturday. We figured, we’ll drive up…go shopping and have some fun…then drive back down that night. And so we did.

We went to Beverly Center, a bunch of shops on Melrose, and various other shops. I picked up an awesome card holder at Alphamale on Melrose.

We had dinner at Hamburger Mary’s. Pooh had a burger, Tribal had a chicken wrap, and I had lettuce wraps and a half order of Mary’s hot legs. We also ordered a couple rounds of drinks :) 2 rounds of Jager bombs, 1 round of kamikazis, and 1 round of incredible hulks. Yum!

We had a LOT of drinks at Rage. We really didn’t know where to go for drinks…so we just went in the first bar we saw. :)

So after a long day of shopping and drinking…we headed back down to San Diego around 2 am.

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  • daemon
    January 3, 2008

    love the new change of your bloggie =)

    though i loved the picture that was used in Moodys Gorgeous Life blog…

    just an opinion though… =)