Deja Vu…

It seems like yesterday,

San Diego on Fire

On October 25th, 2003 a small brush fire near Ramona began its devastating journey that within a week, and in combination with two other major fires in the County at the same time, would become the largest in California history – known as F i r e s t o r m 2003.

Recently, fires started again in San Diego. Today, the fires still burn and cloud the sky with ash. The night sky bears a distant brooding gloom that silences the city. I can’t help but wonder how long it’ll last.

A friend from Long Beach called me, to ask if Pooh and I were ok. Fortunately, our home is far from the fires, but there are fires to the north, the east, and to the south. One can’t help but feel trapped…

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15 Comments to “Deja Vu…”

  1. my-so-called-Quest says:

    i’ve been reading ur blog for a month now, kinda inspired from ur entries so i decided to make one. seeing ur blog made me miss my best bud who lives in san jose. tnx again and take care!

  2. John Halcyon von Rothschild says:

    I hope you guys are safe. I know the feeling. Whenever a hurricane comes close to us, I just feel helpless. Be prepared. Take care!

  3. robbie says:


    seems everyone is evacuating…i was worried last night, but luckily the mt miguel fire started moving away from my house. *whew*

    stay safe and keep it classy!

  4. Jared says:

    It is so hot right now!

  5. my-so-called-Quest says:

    wow! tiggah checked my blog! yey. regarding ur chest pains, i guess there are prescribed medications for anxiety attacks. we can’t prevent stress, but we can minimize it. just don’t over work urself. btw, u understand tagalog? ingats ka palagi!

  6. the nomad says:

    i just saw the California wildfires on Philippine news today. glad to hear no Filipinos were harmed, what with all the 500,000 people being evacuated.

    stay safe, tiggah and pooh.

  7. JOSH says:

    this photo of urs look cool, but i guess those living near those mountains of fire, re really f–kd up! i’m so sorry …

  8. daemon says:

    hey there… that looks scary…

    like a dream i had about hell…


    anyway, on a more serious note, hope you guys are safe there… =)

  9. Macky says:

    glad to hear that you and pooh are safe. still take care of yourselves…

  10. The Rainmaker says:

    That’s a hell of a fire. Great view.

  11. Portable Bitch says:

    well, i hope the fires are gone now… hmmmm.. how are you bro?

  12. Andrew Rosales says:

    Hey there tiggah! Andrew Rosales here from the Philippines. Just got to see your blog now and i find it interesting. Do you have yahoo messenger? Invite me there, my username is You can check out my photos at

  13. Daniel, the Guy in the Desert says:

    somebody told me that San Diego is on fire because of all the porn in southern California.
    I couldn’t help but laugh.
    Although, I have to admit, str8 porn is gross.

  14. DR.NOBEL@berkeley says:

    Thank GOD the fire is finally out now.

    Hope you guys are safe.

    Always be alert and on the lookout for those evil arsonists who may threaten SoCal again!!!

    PRAY always and Ingat kayo lagi mga PINOYS…:)

  15. Pinoy Gay Guy says:

    I hope you and Pooh are ok, and that you’re not one of the people who got evacuated.

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