Tigguhh Behaving Badly…VERY badly.

These images have been removed. Unfortunately, they were naughty…a little too naughty. I thought I’d take them down. Perhaps one day they’ll resurface. But for now, they’ll remain embedded in the memory of readers that were able to view the post originally…oh and also in the hard drive of those guys that decided to save them to their computer. :P

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37 Comments to “Tigguhh Behaving Badly…VERY badly.”

  1. Kai Santorino says:

    WOW TIGGAH… you’ve really gone ALL the way man! I don’t know what to say! ANyway, why don’t you let Pooh join you?

    Love the curved cock… and the hot ass.

  2. joey says:

    hi there mr tiggah..you look hot….no matter what you said about yourself…

    makes me want to come to you…ahahaha :D

  3. Array says:

    Wow! you are simply irresistable… :)

    you really look like Malay…

    stay hot, bro!

  4. DR.NOBEL@berkeley says:

    Wheew! That was indeed very, very, very hot!

    Man you’re really flaming hoooot.

    Grabeee ka. Sobrang LIBOG moh.

    And who is not, anyway? hehehe

    Go go go Tigguhh, the “devilish” alter ego of Tiggah. hahaha

    Life is really RANDOMLY CRAZY!!!

    Cheers to the new “porn hunk” :)))

    Pinoy ka nga talaga!!!


  5. Anonymous says:

    There is no need to edit any of these…they are all sexy.

  6. Inzo says:

    eeeekkkk, don’t ever ever edit anymore tigz–all are steamingly hot i could burn myself LOL…your are such a lovely gorgeous hot male species, but where’s pooh? he seems to be out of sight huh!

  7. expressmen says:

    love this tiggah! its always great whenever you go into your alter ego mood. hope you stay in that mood all the time love it.

  8. JOSH says:

    What a relief! really :) nice shots all d way.

  9. Mark says:

    Wait, you edited out some?! What did I miss?!?! Waaah! Fiery pics, tigguh.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Whew, I feel hot. I need to be alone now.

  11. Anonymous says:

    omg! i thought it’s one of those porn sites.

    and you look just fine.

  12. katana14344 says:

    You are really hot Tigguh. I always drop by your blog for updates.

  13. GLENN says:

    you have a nice body tigguh…. very worth pleasuring….

  14. Gomez Patchouly says:

    Leave the pictures alone. The only thing you should edit is your pubs. Let that shit grow natural, guey. Maybe just a trim, but bring back the bush. Lovesya.

  15. Anonymous says:


    u r such a hot asian at US.. and u hv a nice tool.. i guess 6″? cool.. love to see u in action..

    and u fancy of food make me hungry as well!

    Vince KL Malaysia

  16. Anonymous says:

    You are so hot! I love your lean body, your above average dick and your hot ass! Please don’t edit out pix from your post. It is so good to see a beautiful asian so rightfully proud of his body! You are so sexy!

  17. bananas says:

    Wala akong masabi! No superlative can ever justify the level of this exhibition. To say great is really, really an understatement!

    Mabuhay ang Pinoy!
    Mabuhay ka!

  18. Anonymous says:


  19. Riki The Dark says:

    Very HOT! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Ernesto says:

    Woahhhh nice…

  21. Anonymous says:

    What, I wanna slobber all over your cock. Pooh is lucky! Nice pics!

  22. Kai Santorino says:

    yeah me too

  23. Anthony says:

    …you’re really great tiggah…smile mo pa lang…ulam na…plus that hot budz…aaahhh..

    ….and i can’t help wonder how sizzling will it be if Pooh was right beside you….ggggrrrrr….hehehehe

  24. andre says:

    WOW… What a big cock.
    Nice… :)
    Wanna see u more with pooh.
    Love ur blog.

    Andre – Indonesia

  25. Awkward says:

    OMFG. you’re hot. :-> I love cock pics. they make precum ooze out my dick. :) thanks.

  26. Anonymous says:



  27. Ayan says:

    i see the horny bug bit you again. hehehe!

  28. Anonymous says:

    That was amazing Pooh is a lucky man Glade in Jersey

  29. Anonymous says:

    you make me hot, hot, hot!!! cutie, hard, long stuff you got there… luck pooh!

  30. Ernesto says:

    Are you cut???

  31. AmateurHunk says:

    Hmmm…very horny tiggah. Hot cock too!

  32. Zambo says:

    Amazing how this post elicited so many comments in a jiffy. ECSTASY!!! You really got us. You brute!

  33. LoRD RoMMeL says:

    OMG. Oh my god!

    i am simply speechless.

  34. Male Beauty says:

    freaking hot!

  35. Anonymous says:

    MAN You are really HOT Tigguh, you can cum on/in me anytime !!!!! No serious Pooh is one really lucky guy. You are both really lucky guys. Be proud, so very proud of what you both have

  36. Maksy says:

    soooo beautiful to look at . . . It made me cry. thanks for sharing

    God Bless and Take Care!

  37. j3d says:

    no more pictures…sad

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