Shopping Pt. 2

I mentioned earlier today that Pooh and I randomly decided to go to Los Angeles to do some shopping.

We accidentally splurged a bit =X

Originally, I really just wanted to get some new shoes…but we ended up with 4 Jackets, a V-neck sweater, a couple t-shirts, a couple pairs of pants, and some nice shirts for work (of course, no shoes). We walked up n down Melrose and then headed to Beverly Center afterwards. We wanted to go to Alpha: Gear for Gents but it was closed :(

Although I didn’t find any shoes and Alpha was closed, we still had a great time! It was a great day for shopping! I love having Mondays off because I can go shopping without having to deal with huge crowds and long register lines. I also find that stores are much more tidy and clothes are neatly organised on Mondays since they aren’t that busy.

One of my favorite things was an Artful Dodger Jacket that Pooh got when we were shopping on Melrose. It was the LAST ONE! We got it at Workmens.

Of course, we also did some shopping at the wonderful H&M. I LOVE THAT PLACE! All the clothes we got at H&M totalled to less than Pooh’s Artful Dodger jacket. LOL. They’re opening one here in San Diego. I can’t wait!

After a long day of walking and shopping, Pooh and I headed back to San Diego. I drove up so it was Pooh’s turn to drive. I fell asleep on the way =X But now I can’t sleep…

  • DR.NOBEL@berkeley
    September 25, 2007

    After that back-breaking weeks of “hard labor”, it is just fitting to treat yourselves with those little comforts such as engaging in a shopping spree.

    As I can see, you’ve got good fashion taste huh! Hehehe

    Enjoy life always for it follows the law of nature of randomness or disorderliness called the LAW OF ENTROPY

    Mabuhay ka Pinoy!!!

    Cheers :)


  • JOSH
    September 25, 2007

    shopping is fun (dat is if funding is enough)Oh well plastic cards are not dat bad, hehehe. Don’t leave home without it! (as i told myslef)

    September 26, 2007

    yeah H&M needs to come here like right now.

    glad you had fun at The Bev. we miss our LA lifestyle!!

    SHOP IT.

  • ryanini
    September 26, 2007

    i just love your blog!. can i live vicariously through you online?


    im kidding.. too much stalker-tendencies surfacing..


  • Ernesto
    September 28, 2007

    go shopping nice love to shop

  • TheWiserFool
    September 28, 2007

    Hey T! I came upon your blog and really found it interesting. Kudos! Hope you don’t mind me featuring it on my blog. :D



  • jc
    September 28, 2007

    hey dude u filo? ur photos are sexy. you look more handsome without the beard. hehe. hot hot hot.

  • Anonymous
    September 28, 2007

    Sana di nyo na lang sinabing Pilipino kyo. Nakakahiya! Kadiri!

  • Anonymous
    September 30, 2007

    i was reading your blog entries for quite sometime now but i held back myself from commenting for some reason that I don’t even know myself. but now i suddenly got the urgency to make a comment and here it is…. at first i thought your just some kind of a i-don’t-care type of a guy who has nothing to do in life and so blatantly expose your self in this devious internet environment with all might. but as i went through your entries I was mystify coz you’re not what i initially thought. let’s get this straight ok, i’m not a close-minded bigoted type of a person as a matter of fact i’m very liberal. I know very well that we have our own individualities which makes us extremely distinct from each other but i’m so disturb with all the things that you have in this blog. disturb not in the sense that I’m being offended by the apparent boldness of some of your photos but the person that i’m seeing with what you are writing and yes the photos that you are posting as well. I’m feeling a sense of emptiness in you inspite of the affluence that you are currently enjoying, bitterness inspite of the escapades that you have underwent, and longing inspite of the material things that you have. you seems to be so bothered to me. are you not? please don’t be offended with what I’m saying coz this is just my personal understanding basing on what I perceived wholly in your blog. and maybe you’re right in stipulating that we are all random!