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So Halloween is just around the corner and some of you might remember that it is my most favorite holiday. It is also when this blog was first created. It will be my blog’s first year anniversary! This very special day will also mark Pooh’s and my 6th year anniversary! I’m very excited :)

What do you think Pooh and I should do to celebrate?

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  1. Moody says:

    OOOOH! So many possibilities: I recommend you go up to San Francisco – They have a great Halloween dress up party in the gay district.

    Meanwhile, my blog anniversary is like tomorrow, and my birthday is in October too! Spooky!

    M xx

  2. joey says:

    Happy anninversary to your blog and to you and Pooh..

    hopefully ..great things to come…

    I love October…my birthday was in October…hehehe

  3. sardonicnell says:

    yes, sfo seems like a wonderful idea; as moody has mentioned. you can also have a day in the spa, just the two of you.

    well wishes to you both =)

  4. Jared says:

    There will be no Halloween party in Castro this year in SFO. Last year I heard from the news so many were injured and someone was shot. A concert near the Ballpark was proposed but pulled out. Pink promised to perform, but I guess no Pink this year:(


  5. Anonymous says:

    go to new york! then you’ll see how much fun holloween can really be….

  6. DR.NOBEL@berkeley says:

    Happy 1st anniversary to your RANDOMLY crazy and outrageous blog site.

    Congratulations TIGZ.

    GO TO SANFO and paint the town RED!!! :)

  7. daemon says:

    well tigz…

    if youve got enough cash (to which i think you do… hehehe) and time…

    why not have a vaca here in the philippines and meet up with all your pinoy blogger friends?

    have a tour around the crazy metro… or just lounge around the beaches of boracay or palawan…

    this will be something very different from your previous halloween / anniversary stuff…


    * thinks that suggestion was a bit too much *

    hehehe =)

  8. Anonymous says:

    aren’t you not ashame getting naked and fronting your small dick?

  9. tiggahtigz says:

    Ouch, Anonymous :) That’s not a very nice thing to say…
    Tigguhh is not ashamed, but sometimes I do when I hear things like that. I know I can’t please everybody :) I just assume that if someone doesn’t like what they see, then they would stop looking in the first place. Kind of like…if a straight guy doesn’t like watching gay guys make out…why would he be looking at gay porn? Anyway, you’re entitled to your opinion and i thank you for commenting on my blog :)


  10. GLENN says:

    well…. go for a honeymoon…. express to each other how much you both love each other sexually, physically, emotionally…. happy aniversary… love you guys… tiggah and pooh… keep blogging….

  11. Tan, Brown Eyes and Beautiful-BNM says:

    From Nek-In Aliso Viejo -yo man looking major major hot,..its good to know I can come back here and spring wood any old time! btw did u hit Lohemens just down the street like 1/2 BLOCK? they have killer stuff too,..but u knwo that ,..right? and you so need to go to the Desert and hit the outlets out there (Gucci Prada, TUMI Burberry, Sixty, etc,…)and then stay at the gay resort in Palm Desert and enjoy a nice nude swim!! -let me know Ill get a room to watch the pool too!

  12. JOSH says:

    wow, anniversaries! congrats to this blog & here’s to a longer loving relatioship to both of u!

    Hey, y dont you have like an online chat or a webcam where everyone can see you live!!!! i just dont what u & pooh should be doing though…. hehehehe! lol!

  13. PuRoY says:

    hmmmmm…..hmmmm…hmmmmm can think of anything that fits….. you and pooh…..maybe i’ll just wait and see tha photos of that celebration…

    hmmm hope you don’t mind me asking this…ever plan of getting married?, or do you believed in gay marriage..i believed in gay love and respect, but marriage????…hmmmmm?

  14. vic2rp says:

    Your Pooh bear is very cute

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