Tigguhh at Play


Hey guys! I mentioned in a previous post that I’d put the rest of Tigguhh’s images from when Pooh and I first moved in.
Here they are :)

Caution: Tigguhh got a little carried away…so there’s a lot of images. He was bored…and horny :)

  • Ernesto
    June 4, 2007

    So this is the rest of Time’s been flying by you posted a few days agon nice…

  • Clark Can't
    June 4, 2007

    Tigguh never disappoints, does he?

  • Baklang AJ
    June 4, 2007

    As always… Yum! Tiggah never fails to make my breakfast hot! Slurrp!

  • Anonymous
    June 4, 2007

    tigguh..you da man! how bout pooh?

  • JOSH
    June 4, 2007

    welcom back, tigguh!

  • Mark
    June 4, 2007

    It was worth the wait. Hot!

  • Moody
    June 4, 2007

    Good God! You leave nothing to the imagination… That’s a good thing!



  • tiggahtigz
    June 4, 2007

    lol moody…tiggah likes to leave things to the imagination…but tigguhh likes to bear it all :) He gets carried away sometimes

  • saviek78
    June 4, 2007

    wow tiggah you are truly an amazing indvidual. I wish I had the courage and thirst for life like you and your pooh do. Life has dealt me a raw hand in many ways but reading your blog and seeing you two share an amazing life and experiences, makes me optimistic about the future. Keep the blog going doont change a thing you have a winning formula…give pooh a hug for me…Heero New Jersey

  • Anonymous
    June 4, 2007

    Wow, I wish I can get carried away like you do. Hot, hot , hot.


  • Anonymous
    June 4, 2007

    yo! keep it clean…hehehehehe.
    take care!

    Baby Ron

  • Tonskie
    June 7, 2007

    hey there tigz… :) just wanna ask a question… have you done anal? hope u don’t mind answering… peace out.

  • mao
    June 11, 2007

    all the reasons to be a big fan of tiggah! good read! good view! as always, sizzles….

  • boom
    June 14, 2007

    oh Tigguhh is naughty. I like naughty, lol.

    Anywhere we can see your webcasts in realtime?

  • Anonymous
    June 30, 2007

    yur a certified hottie!!!!!

  • Anonymous
    April 30, 2008

    darn.! makes me cum