Time’s been flying by

It’s been exactly one week since Pooh and I have moved into our new place. Unfortunately, Pooh and I haven’t been able to enjoy the new place much because we’ve been so busy with work and some things that we had to reschedule for this week since we couldn’t move in when we originally intended to. Hopefully, things will settle down this week and we’ll be able to relax a bit. It’s still great to spend the time that we have together though.

Anyway, Tigguhh says hi.

There’s more but I haven’t had time to put my watermark on em :)…I’ll try to post the rest of this set soon. :)

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6 Comments to “Time’s been flying by”

  1. khalel says:

    Ei, I hope you and pooh can find time to relax and bit and cuddle on your new house… c”,)

    Anyway, does tigguh like the new house? Tell him CAIRO would like to Say Hi to Him for me, ayt? lolz

    Got Cairo new pics displayed on this comment for tigguh to see. lolz

  2. josh says:

    Tigz, wont you mine if i linked you in my blog, i gave credit to u there as one of my inspirations =) http;//joshmeandmydoves.blogspot.com tnx

  3. Mark says:

    Hot as always! You give “housewarming” a new meaning. :-)

  4. Ernesto says:

    c’mon show it off nice pics anyway muahhhhhhugs tc always

  5. Riki The Dark says:

    Hi Tigguh!

  6. Clark Can't says:

    Sent you an email.

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