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Time’s been flying by

It’s been exactly one week since Pooh and I have moved into our new place. Unfortunately, Pooh and I haven’t been able to enjoy the new place much because we’ve been so busy with work and some things that we had to reschedule for this week since we couldn’t move in when we originally intended to. Hopefully, things will settle down this week and we’ll be able to relax a bit. It’s still great to spend the time that we have together though.

Anyway, Tigguhh says hi.

There’s more but I haven’t had time to put my watermark on em :)…I’ll try to post the rest of this set soon. :)


Move Day Pics :)

I’ve uploaded a couple pics from our big move. :) We’ve got so much to do and so little time! The top of my list is to get the walls painted, however, we’re very limited on time so it will unfortunately have to wait. Pooh and I are still playing with some designs and color schemes but I hope to have most of the painting done by the end of the month. Our livingroom is nice and clean, but our room, kitchen, and dining room are filled with boxes! Anyway…here’s some images from Day 1 of our Big move.

after a long tiring day of unloading and settling in …we had yummy pizza for dinner :)
and yummy dessert from Extraordinary Desserts….mmmmmm!
we invited our friend Jo to check out our lovely home :)
we went out afterwards for some drinks!

Pooh and I slept in our new home for the first time…it was great! It felt strange at first. Kind of like the unfamiliar feeling when sleeping in a nice hotel – cozy, but not quite like home. I guess it’ll take some getting used to and I’m sure it’s probably just the open boxes lying around everywhere that’s bothering me. The next day, Pooh made us a lovely breakfast.

We went to Temecula with some friends afterwards to visit a couple vineyards for some wine tasting fun! I’ll post about it soon!


Home sweet home!

Pooh and I have finally settled in our new place! We moved in sunday morning. We still have a lot of unpacking to do and there’s a lot of fixing up that needs to be done. We just got our wireless internet set up so I can post some pictures of our big move! I’ve got a lot to share :) We’re both so very happy! I can’t connect my camera-phone to my laptop because I can’t find the usb cord…but I’ll try to upload the pics as soon as I unpack everything :) I hope to post pics after work tomorrow. Gnite everyone!


Pooh’s Bday!

It’s Pooh’s Birthday today! We’re going to Benihana’s! MMMM.

We just got back from Benihana’s :) It was delicious and our chef was very entertaining!


disappointment :(

I’m so sad right now! We received a call from our landlord informing us that something happened with the previous tenant’s new condo so he’ll have to stay another week. All of his stuff is still in our new place and isn’t ready to move. UGH!!!! So unfortunately, we won’t be able to move in until next Sunday, the 20th, at the latest. Hopefully we can move in sooner but it just sucks because we got everything packed! I’m so sad. I feel like crying. I knew something was going to happen! Everything was going well. Everything was too perfect. There’s always something. Pooh just got his requested raise, I just got my promotion and raise the following day, (I was going to blog about it when we moved in) we got our new home in a perfect location, things were going great…and then this happened! ::sigh:: I’ve always felt that man should be in charge of his own destiny, but despite how he lives his life and how much good he might do…he still has no control over the anguish caused by the world around him. Sometimes I think that life is a hill that we’re all told to get to the top of…but whoever told us to get to the top neglected to inform us that they’ll be hurling giant boulders at us. Sometimes some of us get hit by bigger boulders. I guess I should of seen it coming because it all seemed too easy. ::sigh::
Pooh and I are gonna go out and have a couple drinks to calm ourselves down. :(

Well, on the bright side…I made an appointment for an eye exam & new glases on tuesday. I was going to cancel because of the big move. I guess I don’t have to cancel anymore…


hiatus? screw that…

Ok so I said I’ll be on hiatus…but I decided to blog tonight. I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Daniel, the Guy in the Dessert, and was deeply moved and inspired by one of his posts.

Daniel wrote,

It almost rained today. To actually feel any raindrops would have required my presence in the heavenlies. My wings were out for dry cleaning(they were rumpled during a little angelplay), so I was grounded and had to miss it.

Not a drop touched the earth, but even the promise of rain on the mountains makes me happy.

I was listening to Aqualung – Strange and Beautiful from the Wicker Park soundtrack (which I bought on itunes and absolutely love!) at the time. I’m still listening to the soundtrack as I write this post…Death Cab for Cutie – A Movie Script Ending is now playing. Anyway, with my rambling set aside, Daniel’s playful imagery is simply beautiful. I love his, somewhat, lugubrious tone and sarcastic innocence. His writing imbues humility and a genuine outpour of uninhibited thoughts and emotions. I often find myself more turned on by his eloquence than his streams of sexy “vintage” images. Of course, the eye candy is definitely an added bonus…but his writing alone captures my attention. Daniel’s blog is definitely a great blog!


Moving off on a tangent, Pooh and I found out we’ll be able to move in a day earlier. So we’ll be moving in on the 14th! We’ve still got a lot of packing to do but it’s mostly just sorting out all of our junk. Ugh, just a couple more days…I can’t wait! I’ll keep you guys posted. G’nite for now :)


New tv!

I’m so excited i just had to post right away, so i’m texting from my phone. Pooh and i bought a new tv for our new place. It’s a 40″ samsung 1080p lcd hdtv and i love it! We just had to take it out for a test run before moving out. We put it back in the box though. :-( so we have to go a week without getting to use it. It’s well worth the wait though! We were going to wait before getting it… But we figured… New place… Gotta get a new tv! Plus, the sales associate was one frikkin sexy hot latino papi… He kept asking us if we wanted them to come over for free installation – maybe he was hinting at something i dunno. Anyway we declined but we sure wanted to take him with us since he helped us put it in our car! Anyway, i’ll post more pictures when i have time to get on my laptop. I miss you guys!


Pooh and I have been packing and getting ready for the big move. 1 more week!!! I’m so excited! We’ll be moving in on the 15th…but we might be able to move-in 2 days earlier; we’re keeping our fingers crossed. Unfortunately, with everything that’s going on, I haven’t been able to find any time to blog any posts :( I’ll try to post when I can and I know I’ll definitely get back to normal blogging after the move. But don’t fret…I can post from my phone…so keep your eyes open for random picture posts from my phone and I’ll also try to keep you guys updated :) Thanks for all the love!



Wtf?! I just noticed my Plu Blogs icon to the left of my page displayed my ranking as #5 in TopBlogs listing. (O.o) I just signed up on Plublogs just a couple days ago…and I was ranked 72 last time I checked. Awesome! :) So much good news…I feel like I’m on top of the world! This calls for a couple glasses of wine. Cheers!


New Chapter…New Home

Pooh and I signed the lease to our new place today! We found a great spot in Hillcrest. We saw it on Monday…and spontaneously decided…we’ll take it! We’ve been talking about how great it’d be to live in Hillcrest because all the places we love going to is in that area. The main thing that held us back is that it’s pretty expensive to live in that area. We’ve decided that with my soon to come promotion, Pooh’s increase in pay, the finalizing of our business project (which I’ll reveal soon), and careful budgeting…we’ll definitely be able to afford it without a problem! I’m very excited! Our new home is walking distance to all the restaraunts, bars, and stores that we always go to! We’ll be moving in on the 15th of May. Right after Pooh’s birthday :) He’s very happy because it’s an awesome b-day gift. This is just the start of many great things to come. It’s a new chapter in our life…and I can’t wait! :)


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