disappointment :(

I’m so sad right now! We received a call from our landlord informing us that something happened with the previous tenant’s new condo so he’ll have to stay another week. All of his stuff is still in our new place and isn’t ready to move. UGH!!!! So unfortunately, we won’t be able to move in until next Sunday, the 20th, at the latest. Hopefully we can move in sooner but it just sucks because we got everything packed! I’m so sad. I feel like crying. I knew something was going to happen! Everything was going well. Everything was too perfect. There’s always something. Pooh just got his requested raise, I just got my promotion and raise the following day, (I was going to blog about it when we moved in) we got our new home in a perfect location, things were going great…and then this happened! ::sigh:: I’ve always felt that man should be in charge of his own destiny, but despite how he lives his life and how much good he might do…he still has no control over the anguish caused by the world around him. Sometimes I think that life is a hill that we’re all told to get to the top of…but whoever told us to get to the top neglected to inform us that they’ll be hurling giant boulders at us. Sometimes some of us get hit by bigger boulders. I guess I should of seen it coming because it all seemed too easy. ::sigh::
Pooh and I are gonna go out and have a couple drinks to calm ourselves down. :(

Well, on the bright side…I made an appointment for an eye exam & new glases on tuesday. I was going to cancel because of the big move. I guess I don’t have to cancel anymore…

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  1. Flash Lightbringer says:

    well, let’s look at it positively. You and pooh got the promotion you needed, you got a new tv, you got everything… let’s just wait =)

    happy birthday, pooh =)

    anyway, tiggz, not all guys are lucky as you two. just because the previous tenant decided to stay for a week doesnt mean you won’t live there. let’s just say that God is planning something better why He decided to make a delay =)

    Everything happens for a reason. Oh well, goodluck!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    geeze, so dramatic! its only a week delay, its not like your homeless like some people. i think you are over reacting to a small ‘temporary’ setback . in the overall scheme of things, this is nothing. how will you react when something happens really serious? like a health emergency, or fire, or major earthquake. i think your acting like a baby

  3. Anonymous says:

    What the heck are your jobs anyway? U always talk about promotions, salary increases blah blah blah…

  4. tiggahtigz says:

    For privacy purposes I can’t say exactly what I do and where I work…but I’ve recently been promoted to a higher division in sales…Pooh is a graphic designer and a photographer. I’ve mentioned that pooh was hired in my company as the director of promotional advertising and graphic design in an old post, so I guess you are maybe new to my blog. Welcome, and thank you for reading my blog ^_^. As for the salary increases…i’ve only mentioned it recently. Pooh is past his 90 days at our company and was up for a review and pay increase…I was recently promoted and therefore received a raise. I’ve only mentioned it recently…I don’t talk about money all the time silly! I mostly talk about food! :) Pooh and I also have second jobs outside of our company…but I’ve never really mentioned it before in my blog. Perhaps I’ll blog about it some day.

  5. Simon says:

    bummer, and I was expecting a new post about the new house/home :(… oh well papel its another week. hey tiggah don’t be too hard for yourself, its obvious that you’re frustrated but just let it go dude, in one week you and pooh will be settled in your new home, it will not just be a house but a home for both of you. cheer up, cmon theres lots of us that are happy for you and pooh, what u have is like fairy tale for gay guys, i tell u this, i know a lot of gay arab men who are fond of u and pooh. smile dude!!!

  6. PuRoY says:

    hmmmmm….sad for you too…but as my sister always says to me..everything happens for a reason….there must be something good in all this scenario…advise, better check the house again atleast look for something needed to be fixed by the landlord before you moved in…it happens to me before, I was moving to another flat but got cancelled so i check it again found some leakage, non working sucket and bulbs and got it fixed before moving in.

  7. tonu says:

    Hang in there guy, sometimes the wait is hard, but once it happens it is even more precious! I wish I could send you some tropical flowers to cheer you up.

  8. Anonymous says:

    hey tigz,

    its very OK….its good that you expressed your emotions. its healthy and good for you…it shows that you are a real person and I really admired you for that…Keep posting..Looking forward to your new home. Im really excited for you guys. I know how it feels moving to a new crib..its exciting and fun…dont forget to have a house warming..invite us..hehehehehehe

    Hey guys,

    Tigz just like us has emotions and he is definitely entitled to it. who are we to judge anyway? we should uphold the saying “to each his own”.

    Baby Ron

  9. TACTOLOGY says:

    Hey Tigz and Pooh! I’m just going to say “hang in there” with the whole moving situation. Me and my boy are planning on moving down to SD this fall for school and we know that its going to be as stressful. Just do what you guys do best and celebrate each other’s company and live life to its fullest! Birthday wishes go to Pooh.

    Oh, and we saw your talents on youtube. You guys rock the moves! Keep it comin!

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. Jared says:

    So you teach hiphop, I assume that’s your job on the jop eh?

  12. Jared says:

    So you teach hiphip, I assume that’s your job on the side eh?

  13. josh says:

    Hey, were can i watch dat Youtube hiphop thing? perhaps there s wisdom in waiting for a little longer, You are most right in saying sometimes, even though how hard we tried to control destiny, it controls us!

  14. Anonymous says:

    dont you like it. its you being random again. and that exhibits reality, that we can all just plan, and we can’t own tomorrow. but still you are bound to get what you want in the end. you, your pooh, and a new cooler house. so stay happy. by the way, happy birthday pooh! happy birthday pooh, happy birthday pooh, happy birthday happy birthday, happy birthday pooh.

  15. jase says:

    ohhhh…you sweet little poor thing!

    sometimes things do not go the way we want it! but don’t fret – soon you will be in your perfect home and everything will be alright.

    promise !

    nice blog!

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