We went to do some more shopping :) Yesterday we shopped for clothing, today we shopped for electronics! We went to CompUSA and found out that all of the CompUSA stores in southern California were closing down and are clearing everything out with a huge sale!

Unfortunately, the store was already cleared out and there was basically nothing left. We managed to pick up a new Griffin iTrip FM tuner for Pooh’s iPod and a 1GB M2 Memory Stick Micro for my K800i.
We had lunch at The Mission Old Town Liquor & Deli

Our lunch at work is catered by several different restaurants (on rotation) and The Mission is one of them. Don’t let the liquor store entrance fool you. This deceptively small and simple deli has a lot to offer! I’m not really into sandwiches but this place definitely won me over. Pooh and I both had a Mission Sandwich (Turkey, Bacon, Avocado, Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo, Onions, and Mustard on toasted Sourdough bread) and a side of Greek Salad (Goat cheese, Cucumbers, Tomato, Bell Peppers, Onions, and Olives with a refreshing vinaigrette dressing). It was a wonderful and scrumptious lunch!

After lunch we went to GNC for some Whey Protein and Nourish Skin Vitamin E Oil so we can pump iron and maintain beautifully soft skin!

For Dinner, Pooh cooked steak!

For those of you that have been reading my blog for quite a while, you should know that I was semi-vegetarian and didn’t eat red meat. ::insert gasps here:: I couldn’t help it! A couple days ago, after I had recovered from my fever, we were at a dinner party and it was flaunting it’s juicy meatiness in my face. I had been starving my fever for 3 days and my craving for meat was unbearable. Since then I have been eating meat like crazy! Anyway, lately there’s been some days that I don’t eat meat and then there’s some days that I do. I hope to go back to my life without red-meat soon. Like I said, it’s a decision that I just wanted to do for myself.

Pooh and I also picked up a nice LED night light thing. I think it’s pretty cool. It changes colors randomly and can be set at different speeds. It’s puuuurrrty :)