I’m a Nominee!

Welcome to Hush and Listen

Hush and Listen is a blog that I’ve been reading for quite some time now. The author is passionate, deep, and poetic. I love poetry, so I’m drawn to his lugubrious yet beautiful prose. His written imagery juxtaposed with intriguing visuals captivate me.

Images courtesy Hush and Listen blog

Get This, if you are a Monthly Finalist

Surprisingly, I was nominated for his monthly G*Spot Weblog Award for the month of April. I am quite flattered and am very happy to be nominated. If you’d like to vote for me you can visit his blog and vote for me on the right hand side of his page :) Normally I wouldn’t care about the results because I usually don’t ever win anything, but my birthday is coming up and it’d be pretty nice! haha :)

  • Flash Lightbringer
    April 16, 2007

    hey tiggah, you might want to fix that link… there were double https…

  • Flash Lightbringer
    April 17, 2007

    I already voted. and oh… there are over 1000 computer stations in Site 1 that I handle…

    and IF that isn’t enough (for pete’s sake…) then let’s go to Site 2, and Site 3!

    But I hope we won’t get that far. Haha.. Lol =)

  • khalel
    April 20, 2007

    I hope i dont discredit the G* Spot Award… Thank you for those wonderful comments….

    I am honored.

    Good luck on your bid!
    May the best blog win!

    Stay Blessed, Beautiful and free!