Tiggah Q&A

I try my best to answer and reply to everyones’ questions and emails but lately I’ve been pretty busy. I decided to gather as many questions as I could and answer them all together :)

Flash lightbringer:
Q: nansai desu ka? soshite itsu anatano tanjoubi?
A: I’m 24 and it’s April 20th
Q: Anyway, does Ericsson support Laptop-to-Phone 3G connection?
A: It does, however T-mobile (my provider) won’t have 3G until next year (from what I heard T-mobile will have 3G in 2008 but I’m not sure). I will just have to make do with Edge, which is just as good :)

Q: just want to ask how much did the phone cost? and what are its cool features? is it a symbian like phone? or something else?
A: K800i retail is $499 (prices may vary depending on where you buy it. I am in the US so buying an international phone is a bit more expensive, especially when buying it unlocked. And of course, you can try Ebay but I don’t like making large purchases online.) At the store where we purchased my phone, we were able to do so at $399 with an upgrade to my contract. Since Pooh and I are gadget freaks, collect phones, and buy there OFTEN…the owner gave us a great discount for a great price. Since it was a birthday gift…Pooh bought it for me. Although, Pooh and I have a joint checking/savings account…so we both technically paid for it :) It has so many cool features that would take forever to list. My favorite is the Camera, which has so many different settings and functions. I also love that it multi-tasks. It is not symbian but it is still a great phone.

Q: U bought this here? I thought this was never released in North America? Didn’t they released the other one?the SE K790?
A: Yes. You’re right! It isn’t released in North America but I got it at a company that specializes in International phones. The American Version is the Sony Ericsson K790. They are both similar but the K800i has some features that the K790 does not, like an additional camera for video chat.

Q: hahahaha!! bonne anniversaire, je suppose, monsieur carlito!! hohoho!!
i just lost my phone. i think i threw it in the trash together with my subway stuff.. tsktsktsk… *pop goes the weasel*
A: Unfortunately, I only understand japanese and english =X but I think I get it… I’m sorry you lost your phone…I almost left my old phone in a food tray before…its horrible!

Q: You really do seem to have a thing with Sony (Ericsson)? Is it really good? I wanna try one someday.
A: I do own a lot of Sony Products…I think it’s probably just coincidence. Although, I am a gadget freak so I own a lot of electronics altogether. But the phone is great!

Q: so? when is it exactly? (if you dont mind me asking) the b-day…any treat for us? your readers??? hmmmmm
A: My birthday is April 20th…there might be a treat I don’t know :) I might get into my birthday suit…who knows!

If I missed any of your questions…let me know :)

Anyway, here’s a little something from our sponsors…er, I don’t have any…so I leave you with this random image of Tigguhh, my alter-ego…he seems to be this blog’s sponsor :)

  • Anonymous
    April 14, 2007

    hey tiggah whats your real name? nwei your cat Toby is really cute, anyway it would be fun if we could know your love story. I really want to know or read a love story about two male couples its really hard to find one in the net. All the ones are about sex. hehe. hope you have some time to tell us your cute story. you two are such a cute couple. *drool*

  • Flash Lightbringer
    April 14, 2007

    hi ryan, tiggah’s real name can be found in one of his pics here :) and one in… I WON’T TELL he he he…

    Tiggz, it seems that you’re my Kuya =) nazenara bokuwa nijusai desu. matte, pooh nansai ka?

    toby-chan totemo kawaii!

  • Anonymous
    April 14, 2007

    oh! I miss Tigguhh! When is he going to visit ur blog?

  • Anonymous
    April 15, 2007

    hello! what about that Nokia N95? Im trying to save money to buy that phone. Its quite expensive. How much is it there in the US?



  • PuRoY
    April 15, 2007

    hmmmm, thanks for the treat!!!!!! :P

  • carmigz
    April 17, 2007

    Oh yeah I’ve seen your name! Thanks flash lightbringer! Don’t worry I won’t tell others if you don’t want me to. :D