Last Night

Time has been flying by. Lately it seems like it’s been a repetition of work, eat, and sleep. Yesterday after work Pooh and I went to Whole Foods to pick something up to make for dinner. To our surpise, Whole Foods in Hillcrest recently opened a new Taqueria and Pizza Station. Pooh and I grabbed a couple pounds of pizza and pigged out in the dining area.

White Pizza (Ricotta, Mozarella, and Garlic)

Pepperoni Pizza (well, duh…)


Afterwards, we headed home. We were so tired from a long days work. We knocked out right when we got home. I can’t believe we slept the whole night through. When I woke up, I was like…”Oh shit! We have to go to work now!” We slept for 12 hours. It felt really good :)

Our cat Toby was sleepy too :)