Last Weekend Recap


So last Saturday I woke up around 4am because I was freezing! Pooh and I have our bed next to the window. I grabbed another blanket to layer over the one we were using and tried to find some warmth by snuggling close to Pooh. When I woke up later that morning to get ready for work, I felt miserable and had a fever! Body aches, headache, high temperature, congestion, sniffly nose, and a sore throat were all but a mere glimpse of what was to come. I basically slept all day Saturday and Sunday, trying to cope with the anguish and torment.

Monday, Pooh made me see the Doctor. (I strongly dislike going to the hospital) It was a pretty quick visit. All she said was drink plenty of water and to get plenty of rest. I was like…that’s it?! (o.O) No meds? No Antibiotics? She said that it is too soon to tell and that it could get better or it could get much worse. She said I might have Pneumonia or walking Pneumonia and had me set up another appointment to come in tomorrow to follow-up. Since I was going to be there anyway, I figured I should follow up on my chest X-ray.

::insert squiggly flashback effect here::

In October, strangely on friday the 13th, I was rushed into the ER because of severe pain in my abdomen. We were afraid that it was Appendicitis. Every male in my family has had Appendicitis so I’ve always been paranoid to the slightest pain in my abdominal area. Fortunately, I didn’t have Appendicitis but I had Gastritis, which was making my intestines twist and cause me excruciating pain. After 3 days in the hospital I was all better, but the doctors found something in my xrays while they were checking my abdominal area. They found a “small nodular opacity” in my chest and told me to follow-up on it in 4 months. I completely freaked out! How do you tell a patient, “oh by the way…we found something in your chest xray we’ll see you in 4 months” and not expatiate on the matter?! Anyway, paranoid with the thought that I had cancer or something, and since they could not tell me anything further about it, I had no choice but to wait.

::end flashback here::

So, after visiting Kaiser Permanente for my Doctor’s visit…we were off to Sharp Hospital to get copies of my xrays from that horrible Friday the 13th weekend, so that my Doctor can compare the xrays I’ll have done on Tuesday. Having a fear and an equally strong dislike of hospitals, my having to visit another hospital increased my anxiety. Unfortunately, the only person that was able to print out a copy of my xrays was on lunch, so we had to wait 30-45 frikkin minutes until she returned. So we went to the Hospital Cafeteria and grabbed something to eat to calm my anxiety. Pooh asked why not take some pictures so I could blog. I replied that I’d rather not have images to remind me of the hospital. An hour and a half later, Pooh and I left the hospital with my xrays in hand.

Tuesday – I had my xrays done and the doctor was happy to announce that there was nothing wrong with me. He said that there was no nodular in all of the xrays and that the nodular from the previous xrays was only seen in one of the many xrays that they took, so it was probably blood passing a vessel over a bone or something. Anyway, I was quite relieved. With the relief and excitement from the good news, the doctor had forgot that I was also there to follow-up on my being sick. He brushed it off and said you seem to be doing fine, just drink plenty of fluids and get plenty of sleep. (O.o) I left confused yet relieved…and I still felt like crap! I didn’t have a fever after Monday so I guess I was getting better. It just would of been nice to have been given some kind of medicine, although, I never liked taking medicine anyway…so I guess it doesn’t matter. I went with Pooh later that afternoon to a clinic so he could get checked since he was getting sick. They gave him medicine! Anyway, Pooh isn’t eligible for insurance yet so we had to go to a free clinic. The wait seemed like for-ev-er! I was getting pretty irritable, especially since I wasn’t feeling well and I was in another hospital – making that my 4th hospital visit in 2 days. I don’t remember how many hours we were there but afterwards Pooh and I went home and took a nap.

I took Tuesday-Thursday off and came back to work Friday. I feel much better now but I still got the sniffles :T

Although I was feeling horrible, Pooh was very very sweet and did his very best to make me feel better and keep me happy. Here’s some photos of last weekend – in a nutshell :)

Mornings are the worst when you’re sick :(

Lol…I look like shit!

On Monday, Pooh tried cheering me up by taking me out.

We had dessert and tea at Chuao Chocolate Cafe in UTC

It was yummy :)

We also did a bit of shopping :)

Shopping always makes me feel better!
Pooh got a new laptop case for his Macbook Pro.

We had Sushi for lunch :)

Pooh cooked me Fish n’ Chips and Jumbo Shrimp for dinner :)

Tuesday we had breakfast at The Mission in Northpark

Unfortunately Pooh’s phone died so we couldn’t take pictures of our delicious meal!
I ordered Strawberry Bannana Pancakes and Pooh had Cornmeal Blueberry Pancakes.
They were 3 stacked pancakes with big chunks of fresh fruit in them.
It was the first time we’ve been there so I was pretty sad that we couldn’t take any pics.
We’ll definitely be going there again so I’ll make sure I get some pics of their yummy pancakes next time!