Early Birthday Present!

Monday, Pooh surprised me with an early Birthday present! He said get ready, we’re gonna go get it. I was sooooo excited! Pooh drove us to our destination, and to my surprise, we were getting my new phone! We went to Planet Paging in San Diego. They have a very nice and large collection of international phones. He let me pick any phone that I wanted no matter what the cost. I was going to get the N93 but it was very bulky and they did not have the version that I wanted; the N93i internet edition. I decided to get the K800i because it’s so shiny, purrty, and it’s such an awesome phone! I was so very excited and couldn’t wait to use it but the batteries weren’t charged :( Since Pooh and I were going to be out to enjoy our day off we went to a Starbucks in Hillcrest so I could play with my phone. I was like a little boy with a brand new toy! I love my Poohburr sooo much! He spent A LOT on my phone…his birthday is next month so I have to get him something GREAT!

Continue reading for the “unboxing” images I took at home :)
Pooh and I went to SonyStyle in Fashion Valley Mall for a case for my phone.

I guess I have a thing for Sony…I have a Sony Vaio, Sony PSP, Sony Ericsson p910i, Sony Ericsson T610, Sony Ericsson K800i…and a whole bunch of other sony electronics…hehe. Maybe Sony will give me sponsorship and give me a bunch of free stuff :) ::hint hint::

I’ll be posting my review and more details on the phone soon. Stay tuned!

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15 Comments to “Early Birthday Present!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yep. Sony Ericsson is, by far, for me, the hottest thing in mobile phones. I’ve tried Nokia and Motorola but none of these can compare to Sony. It’s easy to navigate, durable, lots of features, sleek, and sexy. Hehe. Congrats on your newest acquisition!

    Clark Can’t

  2. PuRoY says:

    wow!!!! lucky you….and pooh that is sooo sweet.

    so? when is it exactly? (if you dont mind me asking) the b-day…any treat for us? your readers??? hmmmmm

  3. Flash says:

    oh yeah, you’re a taurean. anyway, advanced happy birthday, CarLito!!!

    I do hope that phone has 3g capability… or sumthing better!

    Enjoy your phone :)

  4. josh says:

    happy bday to you (both of u). Yeah,just bought me a new nokia phone and it sucks.

  5. soplan nuevos vientos says:

    hi, my name is Raul from chile and I see you in other page, I like your pics and blog, I invite you to visit my blog too.


    I hope be in contact with you, bye bye

  6. daemon says:

    hot phone you got…

    though i dont float the s.e. boat, i find the k800i to be one hot mobile, sleek finish, jam-packed features…

    its really hot…

    time to sound geeky…
    now since the k800i supports the bluetooth profile, a2dp, you gots to get yourself a pair of sony bluetooth wireless headphones… for true wireless freedom…

    haha that was so geeky of me…

    anyway, advance happy birthday tiggah… and to pooh too…

    — gawd, you two are soooo sweet… hope to experience the same sweetness with my bf too * sigh * —

  7. Sam says:

    Hey have been reading your journal for sometime. Thanks for sharing your life with us. The K800i is an awesome phone. I have been using it for almost a year now, it takes great pictures and very easy to use. Have fun with it!


  8. carmigz says:

    I’ve also been reading this blog for quite I while and it’s really interesting.

    Your pooh’s so sweet.. You are so lucky!

    You really do seem to have a thing with Sony (Ericsson)? Is it really good? I wanna try one someday.

    Oh well, Advanced Happy Birthday!!! (when is the big day by the way?)


  9. chino says:

    hahahaha!! bonne anniversaire, je suppose, monsieur carlito!! hohoho!!

    i just lost my phone. i think i threw it in the trash together with my subway stuff.. tsktsktsk… *pop goes the weasel*

  10. jared says:

    Hey Tiggah! I have the same phone as yours for about 2 months and I must say I absolutely fucking love it. THe sliding thing can get scratched easily. I also suggest you buy a screen protector asap. They have a new model that jsut came out or is coming out. Whats ur #?

  11. jared says:

    U bought this here? I thought this was never released in North America? Didn’t they released the other one?the SE K790?

  12. Jared says:

    Didn’t they RELEASE ….
    Buy a screen protector.

  13. tiggahtigz says:

    hey jared, I purchased it in north america. Like i said in my post, i went to a dealer that specializes in international phones :) I have the K800i which is the international version (not sold in the states) and from what I heard it’s the more updated version of the K790 with additional features, like the additional camera in the front for video calling. The newer one that they released is the K810…which I dont really like because it looks less sexy (the keys look ugly to me) and there isnt much of a difference in feature and function. I bought a case for it already though :) Silly jared, didnt you read my post? But thanks for the info because that camera slider does look pretty fragile…and it has a mind of its own – opening and closing at it’s on free will =P

    haha anyway, thanks for the wonderful comments and birthday wishes everyone!

  14. EX Korean says:

    Hi Tiggah! So you’re into Sony Ericsson phones huh. Well, I got mine just month ago and I named it MiMo, if you happened to drop by my blog. It’s actually W710i since I’m into music. That’s a nice phone and it is designed for users who are into photography. When you happen to use that at night, the results are not bad. I mean, it has a good quality closer to a digicam. Goodluck and have a happy birthday Tiggah!!!

  15. Flash Lightbringer says:

    i want a new phone!!!


    Anyway, does Ericsson support Laptop-to-Phone 3G connection?

    If it does, then I’ll go get one!!!

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