TLR Updates

I’ve finally added an Expandable Post feature to my blog. Wuhoo! This post is a test post so I’m using old images. Click Read More… to view the post in it’s entirety.

My uncensored pics can now be found after clicking the link :)

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6 Comments to “TLR Updates”

  1. Ang-ang says:

    How did you do that

  2. josh says:

    now there s excitement going on, nice :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    wew. i think i am in love. hahaha! love you pooh and tigguh :D

  4. chino says:

    how were you able to do that?

    I know i must sound utterly lame.. but i’ve always wanted to ask how someone using blogger can do that… hit me back if you can.. thnx dude! :P

  5. khalel says:

    hmmmm… sexy and witty.. i like the combo tiggah!

    Love pooh too… not your better half but the disney cartoon… Love him before he became famous… ShockS!

    Now, every little boy, girl and gay is in live with pooh! lolz!

    Anyway, check mah site and tell me if i deserve a link back from your oh so sexy blog!!!


  6. cityhgh says:

    the link isn’t working??? can u please fix it… it keeps saying picture is private

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