I’m Ready For My Closeup!


I’ve finally decided to upgrade my Account to Pro. I reached my max of 200 long ago and so, for a while, older images became unavailable — and each time I would upload images, more and more of my precious memories would disappear! There are a whole bunch that are now available for public view since I’ve upgraded to Pro. I still have a lot of organizing now that I can create more than three sets, but I am happy that I am now able to access ALL of my images instead of just 200 at a time. I think there are more features in addition to a Pro account, but I haven’t looked into the details yet.

(BTW, the email address on the images of this post is an old email address that I no longer check, just incase anyone was going to send a message…I won’t respond if you do :)

So check out my Flickr page if you’re ever bored :) …and yes…you can find an archive of “you know what” in there as well. However, the big “treats” are only available to flickr members who I’ve added as a friend.