Farewell Vista


Last night Pooh and I purchased an external hard drive so I can backup all my important and so very precious files (mostly porn of course). I decided to make a switch from Vista back to XP. I was just having too many problems with it. It’s not that I don’t know much about computers, because I’m really good with computers. I’ve done all the trouble shooting and looked through several different forums to solve some issues to no avail. When you go from a system that works perfectly fine, then move to a system that doesn’t run quite the way you’d like…it’s pretty frustrating.

Here are just a few things that didn’t work or caused major headaches:
– My Ipod
– My wireless mouse (which is supposed to be plug-n-play but stupid vista kept asking for a cd with drivers even though the drivers were built in and it didn’t come with a frikkin cd!)
– My Ipaq Pocket PC
– My PSP
– My Sony Ericsson P910
My new MyBook external hard drive (which is also plug-n-play) wouldn’t even work because vista wouldn’t recognize the built in drivers!
– My Samsung Digital Camera
– some original drivers for my laptop (ie. my Fkeys)
– My webcam

I definitely won’t miss Vista constantly asking me for permission about 3 times just to delete items or to install software. Have you seen that Mac commercial where PC guy has an MIB agent asking him for permission after every sentence? IT’S SOOOO FRIKKIN TRUE!

Vista is a great operating system with a beautiful interface…I guess…if you have a great computer capable of using Aero and all those extras that come with the biggest package. My laptop, however, isn’t powerful enough to run the Aero feature and I only had the Home Edition; it still looked nice but with all the problems it gave me…I’m definitely getting a MAC. I don’t want to sway anyone’s opinion about upgrading to Vista and I know that a lot of companies are currently working on getting updated drivers and compatibility for Vista…but I love my gadgets and don’t want to wait. I am definitely a control freak and need things to run smoothly.

Anyway, so I bought a 320 GB Premium Edition Dual interface MyBook to backup my files…guess what…stupid Vista wouldn’t recognize it’s built in plug-n-play drivers. My laptop kept asking to install the drivers, locate the drivers, insert the cd that came with the device (which since it was plug-n-play…there weren’t any!) I seriously wanted to throw my laptop at a wall, or at someone I strongly disliked (because I don’t hate, I strongly dislike). I ended up having to burn dvd data discs to backup. After 1.5 hours of burning dvd’s and backing up 20something Gigs of documents, pictures, and porn…I reinstalled XP and said farewell to Vista.