Beautiful Monday Morning


Pooh and I enjoyed our day off by, of course, eating out and shopping. :) It was a beautiful Monday morning! It felt great driving on the freeway with our windows rolled down and the sunroof open…it was quite refreshing.

We decided to have breakfast at Whole Foods; they have a very yummy hot food bar btw. MMMmmm…french toast, scrambled eggs, and potatoes!

After breakfast we thought we’d check out the sale they were having at CompUSA. EVERYTHING in the store was up to 20% off…unfortunately there wasn’t anything we really wanted…and we had already purchased our new hard drive. I did, however, make an impulse purchase and bought a new case for my ipod….it was purrrrrty and the 20% off sign above it was taunting me.

On our way out to our car from CompUSA, we saw a cute red MINICOOPER that matched my Ben Sherman jacket, which had the same flags on my zipper. I was in a silly and playful mood, so being random, I told Pooh to snap a pic. Unfortunately, Pooh had caught me at a very unflattering pose…

We headed to Urban Grind Coffee Shop in Hillcrest to get an Iced Chai Latte and a Bear Claw. I was thirsty and Pooh wanted something sweet :)

We headed home afterwards to have lunch and relax. Pooh made me Fish ‘n Chips! It was scrumptious! :) hmm…sorry to cut it short…but Pooh and I are gonna watch a movie! Gnite!