This Week’s Recap Tues-Thurs

So Pooh and I have been party animals since I have a weeks vacation from the 25th to the 2nd of January.

Tuesday Night:
We went to Urban Mo’s, formerly Hamburger Mary’s in Hillcrest.

Wednesday Night:
We had drinks at Flicks…then went to Bacchus house for a quick second.

Thursday Night:
Partied hard at Numbers.

Here are some images from Tuesday

me jo and pooh

me and grace

jo, greg, grace, pooh, and me

drunken pooh and me…and uh…jo’s naughty finger =P

me grace and pooh

the guy in the green was very sweet, he bought us all a round of shots!

we had naughty oily and fatty mexican food somewhere

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  • Anonymous
    September 21, 2007

    I suggest a new title for your blog…I don’t think if you will like it…”Tiggah’s Untellables”,it’s all about your so much,so much of happiness,sadness,loneliness,excitement,etc. that you can’t actually express easily….