New Blog Title continued

So far I’ve narrowed my choices down to the following:

-My life thus far
-Hundred Acre Wood (unfortunately with the idea of children googling the phrase for poohbear…I don’t think that it would be a good idea, seeing that my blog contains adult material)
-Tiggah’s Random Life
-Tiggah’s Series of Random Events
-Tiggah’s Random Memoir
Please let me know what you guys think and add your own if you like ^_^
  • Joe
    December 30, 2006

    “Random Life thus far” or maybe “Tiggah’s Life thus far” … hmmm… anything would be fine though…

    Your blog gives me something to look forward to everyday. Well, almost everyday. And it reminds me how “stuck-up” my life is. Teehee. =P

    Oh, and sorry about the “Hundred Acre Wood” blog title suggestion… It didn’t cross my mind that kiddies would blog for it. My bad.

    Peace Out!

  • Moody
    December 30, 2006

    I like the “Random Life thus far” one!

  • Hazen
    December 30, 2006

    Maybe the blog title could be the answer to the question, “what do Tiggahs do best?”

  • tiggahtigz
    December 30, 2006

    thanks for responding guys! I really appreciate it. I’ll be posting the new title next week ^_^ I think I like “Tiggah’s Random Life Thus Far”.

    Hehe Hazen, I tried thinking what I do best but I then my blog would be titled “eating, drinking, and sex” haha :)

  • Hazen
    December 31, 2006

    “Bouncing is what Tiggahs do best”

    A.A. Milne

  • mao
    January 4, 2007

    Tiggah in random? just a suggestion

  • mao
    January 4, 2007

    Tiggah in random?
    just a suggestion…