My Phone!!! NOOOOO!!!!

Pooh and I are both tech/gadget/electronics freaks. Pooh has a pretty extensive collection of mobile phones (mostly smart phones). He currently is using a very nice Nokia N73. I only have 2 phones; a Sony Ericsson T610, and a Sony Ericsson P910. I love my P910! Unfortunately, we were out drinking a couple nights ago and I dropped my phone. For a while, the sound had a bit of static every now and then…but now…the sound no longer works! Oh no! I was very sad. I guess it’s time to say goodbye to my P910 (pictured on the left)…

Luckily, I have my other phone to use temporarily…but I am tired of staring at the dead pixels on its screen. I get depressed each time someone calls me and I have to pick up on my T610…with its sad Midi file ring tone…checking the caller id on my dead pixel filled screen. ::sigh::

Anyway, Pooh and I will be shopping for a new phone.
I am thinking of getting one of the Nokia N series phones…the N80 looks really nice.

or possibly a Sony Ericsson K790; the only setback is it’s not a smartphone…

What kind of phone do you recommend that I get?

What kind of phone do you have?

I appreciate your input ^_^

  • Moody
    January 1, 2007

    I like the K790 is my pick! I like how it looks.

    Happy New Year by the way! I hope that 2007 is filled with joy for you guys.

    M x

  • Joe
    January 1, 2007

    hmmm… i like the Nokia N80… its a bit on the short and fat kinda design so it might feel bulky on your hands… better that you get a feel for it yourself…

    i like the slidy thingy and all my previous phones have been Nokia… so i am kinda biased… hehehe.

    oh and Nokia has one of the friendliest interfaces there is…

    i own a Nokia 6630.. the one with the huge ‘hole at the back’ for a camera candy bar type… its simple yet functional so its good enough for me… on the plus side, its quite sturdy. i’ve thrown it a couple times running around the hospital… haha… so i’m stickin with mine for now before i upgrade. =P

    it’s sad that i don’t earn my own money yet so i have to put on hold my love for techie stuff…

    peace ouT!

    (whew… that was a long comment…)

  • Anonymous
    January 1, 2007

    i am waiting for the nokia N95.

    – marcus

  • tiggahtigz
    January 1, 2007

    I definitely like the look and sleekness of the K790. My P910 is pretty bulky so I don’t mind bulky phones like the N80. Pooh is waiting for the N95 as well, however, we’re not too sure whether or not we’d want to spend so much on it. He got his N73 for 500 bucks…I’m sure the N95 will be much more than that. We went to a store to look for phones today…I’m so very indecisive =X

    Thanks for the great input guys!

  • magixbox7
    January 5, 2007

    i had the n80 for quite a time n as everyone was saying its kinda big….but the screen n camera is superb!! i would rather go for n95 or the k790

    happey nu year by the way