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Nintendo Wii + add code

So Erny and I were in line at like 7am on Sunday awaiting the release of the Nintendo Wii at Target. 60 people in front of us had tickets…the people afterwards were the “hopefulls”. We were one of those “hopefulls”. We were 64th in line. We didn’t get the Wii .

But then we heard by a reliable source that a gamestop nearby our house were getting another shipment in on tuesday the 21st. They said they were getting 6…but a worker was reserving 1 so there would only be 5 available on a first come first serve basis. We drove by monday night around 10:30pm to see if anyone was in line for it. We figured that no one really knew about the incoming shipment so we decided to wake up early tuesday morning and see if we can get it. I had work so I waited with erny from 7:30-9am and Erny waited till they opened at 10. He said there were only 3 left…luckily he was 2nd in line ^_^.

We love our WII! We currently have the default game Wii sports, Twighlight Princess, and we rented Trauma Center from Blockbusters. I think we might buy Trauma Center. It’s fun.

If you would like to add us as friend’s on Wii our code is: 7896-6915-8474-9440
…make sure you send us your code too because you’ll need mine and i’ll need yours it to add ^_^


Out for coffee and dessert

Pooh and I went to Extraordinary Desserts in Hillcrest for some coffee and a lil something sweet. Yum!


Laundry Day

Our Dryer is broken at home so we went out and did our laundry at a Laundry mat. We decided to pass the time by playing our new psp games…Every Extend Extra and Lumines II


Pho Cali in Mission Valley

We had lunch at Pho Cali in Mission Valley. It was really good. I would recommend anyone who loves Pho to try it there! Clean facility, friendly staff, very well prepared food, quick service, and reasonably priced. Everyone that knows me know that I am very picky with my food. Anyway, 5/5


Lumines II

Something new to add to our collection:

Lumines II for Sony PSP : Finally!!! I’ve been waiting for this game forever! It’s a great game…definitely a must have for PSP owners. I absolutely love the first one, and couldn’t wait till the second one came out. It was supposed to have gone out last tuesday but none of the stores had it until today. I went to Gamestop and they said they had it but couldnt sell it until this coming tuesday (11/13/06)…so then I called up EB Games and they said they had some copies. I was like, Fuck Yea! It was strange that Gamestop wouldn’t let me buy it. Anyway, There is a lot of content in the game. I was very surprised to see that you could actually see Erny and I in the Black Eyed Peas music video in the game. I would of thought they would of edited the video to show only the members of the group, but they played the whole music video. Awsome!


Every Extend Extra

Something New to add to our collection.

Every Extend Extra for Sony PSP…by the makers of Lumines and Lumines II. I haven’t had the chance to play it much…but from what I’ve played I really enjoy it! It seems simple but it is pretty difficult.


Ronald Mcdonald Foundation

Pooh and I usually go to a McDonalds near our house to get a vanilla cone or a caramel Sundae.
Pooh donated to the Ronald McDonald Foundation. Yay!


Night at Numbers

Thursday 11/09/2006

We went to Numbers in Hillcrest. It was really fun! It just sucked that I had work the following morning. Oh well. It was a great night.


New Tie

Pooh and I were at Macy’s today. I saw a tie that caught my eye. I love the color brown when it comes to clothing. To my surprise the tie was 50% off! What a deal!

Original price : $34.00
Marked down: -50% = $17.00

Got me a lil sum’n sum’n (^_^)


Jack’s Old Fashion Broiler

Jack’s Old Fashion Broiler
1290 University Ave., Hillcrest; (619) 574-1644. Hours: 11:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Sunday through Thursday; until 9:00 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays.

Pooh and I had lunch at Jack’s Old Fashion Broiler. I absolutely love the food there! The service is great and the food is great!

I had the Jack’s Famous Wild Chicken with a side of Fries with their special Garlic Ranch and their wonderfully refreshing Coleslaw. Pooh got a Hawaiian Burger with real fresh pineapples all in a lettuce wrap (Pooh lives a Lo-Carb Lifestyle), which came with a side of their own special Pasta (which I had to eat because noodles are evil carbs!). It was a very fullfilling, satisfying, and delicious lunch.

Service: ****
(very friendly staff and great service!)

Food: ****
(simply scumptulescent!)

Atmosphere: ****
(it was a cute old fashioned diner with appropriate music)

Cleanliness: ****
(Very clean facility)

Cost: inexpensive
(very reasonable and affordable prices)

Recommend: Definitely HAVE to try the Fries and the Ribs

****: Outstanding
***: Good
**: Average
*: Bad
$: inexpensive, expensive, too pricy

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