Nintendo Wii + add code

So Erny and I were in line at like 7am on Sunday awaiting the release of the Nintendo Wii at Target. 60 people in front of us had tickets…the people afterwards were the “hopefulls”. We were one of those “hopefulls”. We were 64th in line. We didn’t get the Wii .

But then we heard by a reliable source that a gamestop nearby our house were getting another shipment in on tuesday the 21st. They said they were getting 6…but a worker was reserving 1 so there would only be 5 available on a first come first serve basis. We drove by monday night around 10:30pm to see if anyone was in line for it. We figured that no one really knew about the incoming shipment so we decided to wake up early tuesday morning and see if we can get it. I had work so I waited with erny from 7:30-9am and Erny waited till they opened at 10. He said there were only 3 left…luckily he was 2nd in line ^_^.

We love our WII! We currently have the default game Wii sports, Twighlight Princess, and we rented Trauma Center from Blockbusters. I think we might buy Trauma Center. It’s fun.

If you would like to add us as friend’s on Wii our code is: 7896-6915-8474-9440
…make sure you send us your code too because you’ll need mine and i’ll need yours it to add ^_^

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  • joe
    December 7, 2006

    i just love trauma center in my nintendo ds!