Lumines II

Something new to add to our collection:

Lumines II for Sony PSP : Finally!!! I’ve been waiting for this game forever! It’s a great game…definitely a must have for PSP owners. I absolutely love the first one, and couldn’t wait till the second one came out. It was supposed to have gone out last tuesday but none of the stores had it until today. I went to Gamestop and they said they had it but couldnt sell it until this coming tuesday (11/13/06)…so then I called up EB Games and they said they had some copies. I was like, Fuck Yea! It was strange that Gamestop wouldn’t let me buy it. Anyway, There is a lot of content in the game. I was very surprised to see that you could actually see Erny and I in the Black Eyed Peas music video in the game. I would of thought they would of edited the video to show only the members of the group, but they played the whole music video. Awsome!