Looks like I got me a new toy to play with.


Samsung 2440 Processor at 300MHz
Removable 920mAh Li-Ion Battery
Secure Digital Slot w/ SDIO Support
64MB RAM (56.66 Free); 32MB ROM
Bluetooth & 802.11b Wi-Fi Onboard
3.5″ 16-bit QVGA Transflective TFT
Weight: 5.1oz; 4.5″ x 2.8″ x .64″
Long Range IRDA Port
Windows Mobile 2003 SE OS
Nevo Universal Remote Software
iPAQ Mobile Media Home Control Software


so far I have an hp dock and a bluetooth HP IPAQ foldable keyboard

its a pretty sweet device…
anyone know a decent mp4 video player?

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  • AndrewSA
    May 16, 2007

    Hey. Just found your blog today. Love it! I read the whole blog, so this comment is on an old, old post. Yes, there is a decent mp4, the new Zen Vision W. Just bought one for myself in Hong Kong. Big screen, crystal clear, very sexy design and very simple to use. I.m from South Africa. Will keep checking out your blog.