Heroes – Episode 6

Today’s Episode of Heroes:

Psychic Crack-head Isaac Mendez and I believe I can fly Peter Patrelli try to put Isaac’s paintings together like a puzzle comic book and discover they’re missing a piece. Oh no! Simone has the last piece…but how are they going to explain everything to her? By now if it isn’t obvious, Peter’s power isn’t that he can fly, but that he can possess the same powers as the person he is near. Kinda sucks if he’s alone I guess. How can he convice other people without sounding like a lunatic if super people aren’t with him?!

Indestructable cheerleader Claire meets her biological parents…supposedly. I’m guessing they’re fake parents hired by her creepy dad.

Mohinder whines and goes back to India…man I wanna just smack him. First he’s all about human’s evolving and people being special and stuff, then all of a sudden he’s Mr I don’t believe any of this stuff because I’m Mr. Skeptical. We also get a little surprise to find out that little slut is working for the cheerleader’s creepy father!!!!

Hiro and his friend go gambling…

Niki has a conversation with herself, gets a lot of questions answered, and OMG!!!! SHE BETTER JUST BE UNCONCIOUS!!!

Anyway, another great episode! I can’t wait til next week. Be sure to check out Heroes on NBC’s website http://www.nbc.com/heroes You can watch all of the previous episodes and check out a whole lot of extra content.