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Thanks to the recent WordPress 4.2.1 update, posting things from the web like Tumblr, YouTube, and random news feed blogs will be much easier.  I’ve been trying to find a way to integrate my Tumblr with my blog and finally WordPress did it!  Looks like you’ll be seeing more inappropriate and pornagraphic posts…that and other random shit.  Lol.



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Please listen carefully as our menu options have changed.
With my MEMBER’S SECTION opening in the vague near or far future, I’ve made some updates and changes to my website (If you haven’t noticed already). My blog will still be about my random adventures in life and whatnot, but I thought that it’d be nice to have some FUNCTIONALITY & FOCUS. Although this site is supposed to be about my random life, as I’ve gotten older my randomness has slowly shifted into a monotonous and habitual weekly routine – work eat sleep and party on the weekends. Some of the repetition just doesn’t seem post worthy. I mean, I have facebook and instagram to post silly little things that no one really cares about. I kind of want to run my site like a magazine so that you, my precious readers, have content worth checking-in often! Categories will still be available on my sidebar but my MENU up at top will be topics I’ll mostly focus on. If you have any suggestions on certain topics you’d like me to focus on as well I’d love to hear your input. So here we go, older me equals new me and new blog, kinda.



It was my birthday this past Monday,  April 20th!  With all the excitement going to Coachella, I haven’t been able to post much about it.  Oh yea, btw, I went to Coachella for the first time!  I’ve got tons of pictures from the incredible weekend to upload!  Now that I’ve finally recovered from 4 days of debauchery and the best kinds of sin imaginable, I’m able to document and post said events. I’ve also realized I’m not getting any younger, I should let Tigguhh come out to play some more.     I used to love being an exhibitionist and didn’t really care about what anyone thought, but my insecurities and body issues have kept me thinking maybe I should hold off until I’m happier with how I look. I’d take a bunch of pictures or videos and delete them all. I’ve been working really hard in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and working on my body. Although I feel I still have a long way to go, I’m proud of what I’ve achieved. I’m one year older (I’m frikkin 32!) and I feel great! Everyone wants to feel sexy and it’s good to embrace it every now and then. What better time to strut your stuff in your birthday suit than on your birthday…er, well birthday month. :)