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HELLO 2017

Pooh got me an awesome new tablet for Christmas so I can blog again!  Yay!  I broke my S7 yet again so I’ve been unable to blog since I’ve had to use an old crappy phone.  I just recently replaced my S7 not too long ago so I’m going to wait until a new phone comes out in April/May before getting a new phone.  Until then, I’m happy with my crappy old phone and new Pixel C!  
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and a very happy new year.  :)

We celebrated New Years at OMFG – we went all 3 days.  We had work on New Years Eve (Satuday) so we just raged Thursday night, chilled Friday night, and raged hard Saturday.  We ran into one of my followers on Thursday night; they were such a cute couple!   

We didn’t really do much for Christmas.  Pooh visited his family on Christmas Eve and I visited mine on Christmas Day.  We met up with all of our friends Christmas night, as we do every year, for drinks in Hillcrest.  Christmas night was LIT AF!  LOL. 

Now, I’m back at work and it’s back to reality.  WOMP WOMP.  



Pooh and I went to Vegas this weekend to show support for two of our friends that competed in a Body Building competition.  One of our friends got first pplac in her class!  We followed the competition with celebratory food and drinks!  

We stayed at the SLS since we get really good rates from gambling there.  I love the rooms…they’re comfy and the mirrors are sexy.  No mirrors on the ceiling this time…..but maybe next time. 


We spent Sunday hanging out with our friends and literally ate ALL DAY.  We had Donut Bar for breakfast.  Our friends got so many donuts that the hotel room smelled like donuts the moment you walked in.  Yum!  We had lunch at Shake Shack.  We never had Shake Shack before and always wanted to try it.  It was frikkin delicious!  I should of got a double.  I took extra lactaid just so I could indulge in the frozen custard….so good!

After lunch we gambled a bit at the New York New York and drank while we waited till it was time to watch Zumanity.  I loved it!  It was entertaining, fun, and sexy. Those guys….wheeeew…  

After the show we grabbed dinner at Tacos El Gordo.  We have one in San Diego so we’ve already experienced how amazing it is but it definitely still hit the spot.  

When we finished dinner we went to Quads for just one drink.  We were supposed to have a drink with a friend but we were getting tired and they didn’t show up so we called it a night.  

Monday was our last day in Vegas.  Pooh wanted to do a little date day before we left so we parted ways with our friends and went to get lunch somewhere.  We found a place on Yelp called The Red Pot. It’s an All-U-Can-Eat hot pot shabu shabu spot!  There was such a huge selection of meats, sauces, and ingredients….. I wanted to eat everything but my stomach got so full!  Everything was delicious!  I can’t wait to come back to try more stuff.  I wish there was a Red Pot in San Diego.  

After stuffing ourselves into a food coma we grabbed some coffee and hit the road for San Diego.  What a crazy long fun filled weekend!  I’ll miss you Vegas!  Hopefully we’ll be back soon!



Have a happy Halloween everyone! I’m sad we didn’t have time to put together an outfit this year. Let’s look back at some memories of past slutty Halloween costumes lol. I mean…I suppose I can whip something together this weekend…it’s not like I need that much fabric. Lol



Pooh and I just picked up a Playstation VR (Virtual Reality Headset)!  There aren’t many games out for it right now but so far we’ve been having fun with it.  Most of the games feel more like mini games and “quick fun”, rather than full on games that require more time invested.  
We totally forgot that most games require updates when you first play them…so most of our time was spent waiting lol.  We got the VR bundle and it came with the Playstation camera, 2 move controllers, a demo disc, and VR Worlds (which is like a whole bunch of mini games).    There’s also a pretty decent handful of games and demos available for download at the Playstation store.  We’re excited for Resident Evil…it looks scary as fuck!  We purchased Batman Arkham VR from the Playstation store.  It’s pretty cool because well…who hasn’t ever wanted to beBatman when they were little?!  

My only complaint about most of these vr games are they’re more about a “VR experience” and you’re pretty much observing and being guided from point A to point B, rather than actually running around being free and actually PLAYING a game in a virtual world.  I’m sure most of that will change, hopefully, once more games come out.   I took a couple videos on Day 1 but I’ll be splitting them into different parts.  Be sure to check them all out!



On October 30th, 2006 I started my very first blog.  It started out on blogger and then eventually grew into this.  I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for 10 years.  This was my baby…I loved writing, taking pictures, and just sharing my experiences and food aventures with Pooh. I’d like to point out that a looong time ago I used to take pictures if my food at restaurants and get the weirdest comments from people and friends…and now I see the same people posting their dinner on instagram.  Hahaha aaaanyway.  I was so surprised anyone even read my blog.  Thanks everyone for visiting my blog and taking the time to read it!  Cheers!