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I’ve finally caught up with uploading all of my backed up images (well, most of it) onto my Flickr. I managed to upload images from 2005 to present day – wuhoo! I haven’t uploaded any TIGGUHH images yet but I will soon. My account was deleted because I had watermarks that said “”…do you think they’d do the same if I had a mark that just said “tiggah’s life in random” or “tigguhh”? I’m thinking I would just make all of those images private or perhaps I can make a small logo to put on the bottom right corner of my images.



Many of you might remember that my Flickr account was deleted because some of my images had watermarks. I was heartbroken because ALL of my digital memories were stored on my Flickr account. Luckily, I had a majority of my images on an external hard drive, however not all of them were backed up. Although I was disappointed with the outcome, I’ve always missed the ease of blogging with Flickr and the many things you can do with it. I tried Picasa but it just isn’t the same. I guess I just prefer Flickr’s clean interface and seamless 3rd party aggregation. The positive side of this all, however, was that it pushed me to create this site.

I decided to give Flickr another chance and hopefully I don’t get my account deleted again. This time I’ll be sure not to post any images with watermarks…just to be safe.

It’s pretty late and I need to sleep so I haven’t uploaded anything yet. Feel free to add me as a contact if you’d like. :) The more the merrier! Unfortunately, I was unable to retrieve my old username “tiggahtigz” but I was able to grab “Tiggah Tigz”.

You can follow this link to add me as a contact if you have a Flickr account:



I’m so upset right now. Flickr deleted my flickr account! :( I have always been good at moderating the content on my account and making certain images private. I also only use the account for personal use and for my blog…which is not for commercial use since I’m not selling anything. I paid for a pro account and still had a couple months before it expired. I sent them an email asking why my account was deleted so hopefully I’ll get a response soon. Most likely I’ll get a generic message saying it was removed because I violated terms set in their user guidelines. I am so upset because all of my photos were saved on my flickr. It’s like erasing my memory of all the special moments in life. :(



I’ve been receiving a couple emails from contacts on Flickr that some of my “private” images are not showing – in it’s place is a blank black image. Is Flickr censoring Tigguhh? Or perhaps maybe my viewers’ Safety Filter has been turned on? Is anyone else unable to see my private images on Flickr? I’d like to know. I appreciate any comments about the matter. Thanks!

If you are unsure if you’re Safety Flickr is on, you can check by going to “your account” -> “Privacy & Permissions” -> “Content Filter” edit -> “Safe Search Off”.

I checked with Pooh’s Flickr account and that fixed it.


Test Shoot

Pooh’s making me a new banner for my blog. We had a test shoot to play with some ideas (sorry, Tigguhh didn’t take any pics). I’ve added them to my Flickr. The full set can be viewed here.

For those of you too lazy to click the link, here are a couple from the set :)

The full set can be viewed here.

Which one should Pooh use for my new banner?


Vacation Day 1 – pictures!!!

On Day 1 of our vacation, Pooh and I went to the beach to enjoy the beautiful day! Moody mentioned he’d be making a post about my blog and said he’ll be needing some images so Pooh brought his camera along. Here’s some images from our mock-shoot.


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