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We had some friends over for some drinks last night. Pooh and I gave our friend David his Christmas present since we haven’t seen him in a while. A box of cinnamon buns, Instant Thai Tea packets, Twizlers, and a huge 12″ double sided dildo. :) The holidays – a time for giving and a time for receiving…and in this case, David will not be the only one receiving. He’s always been telling us that all the guys that he’s been crushing on are all bottoms. Since he’s a MAJOR bottom, he doesn’t see it working out with a “certain guy” that he’s been liking. We thought it’d be nice, mostly funny, to get him a double sided dildo for Christmas.

Anyway, we all headed over to Fiesta Cantina to drown ourselves in their giant MEGA margaritas followed by some awesome drunken Kareoke at Flicks. We usually just go to support our friend Kelly, who is so very entertaining on the mic. While everyone that night chose slow depressing ballads, Kelly’s song selection was upbeat and fun. She started off with “My Humps” and then later surprised us all with Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot”. She was amazing!

I tried taking pics throughout the night with the crappy camera on my G1 but they all came out blurry. :(

Dear Santa, I’d very much appreciate a new slim digital camera with HD video, or perhaps a new android phone with a camera and flash, thanks!






So…I have some plans for my site for the coming new year. Recent events have inspired and motivated me to finally commit and take my blog to new heights. It took me a while to actually take the next step and move from blogger to my very own web host, but I think it’s about time to do more with my site. After all, I owe it all to my readers and to myself right?

Anyway, I hope to actually follow through with this. I was speaking with a good friend about my blog tonight and it just made me think about what I want to do with my site. I still have lots of kinks to work out but it’ll get there eventually. When I first lost my Flickr account and felt like giving up. I eventually decided that I’d run my own site (separate from blogger) so I can be in full control of my own site. It took a while for me to get it up and running. I know I kept saying that I would get it going and it seemed like I’d never do it, but after a couple days/weeks/months it happened eventually. With everything you do in life, making things happen takes time. I’m hoping to get things rolling when the new year hits. I don’t want to make promises but I’d like to make some progress for myself at least.

Since you guys are the ones that actually read my content…what is it you’d like to see on my site? Any suggestions and comments (positive of course) are greatly appreciated! I know I’ve asked this before, and several of you have been awaiting images of Pooh and images of Pooh and I. I’m working on it! LOL. Aside from that I have some ideas and projects that I’d like to implement on my blog, but getting them to actually come into fruition (on the technical aspect) is where I’m having trouble. If you’re a web master willing to help a brutha out…I’d love to hear from you :)



Some things that I love about the holidays are:

The holiday flavors and red cups at Starbucks
The depressing holiday music played in stores
Being able to bundle up in layers and wear scarves
Seeing all the pretty Christmas lights
adorable snowmen
pictures of sexy half naked guys wearing Santa hats
holiday episodes of my favorite shows on tv
Charlie Brown Christmas
Home Alone playing on almost every channel
playing “Secret Santa” at work

What are your favorite things about the holidays?



I thought I’d have fun and teach to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance for my Thursday class. We ran out of time so I will be teaching the rest of it this Thursday. I usually teach a new routine each week and these pieces never get performed anywhere so it’s nice posting it on youtube so I can share it with friends. :) I’ll post the full version soon!



One of our favorite things to do on our days off is making Sprinkles cupcakes and enjoying a movie at home (well, it’s two but they go hand in hand). It was a beautiful day today so we drove around and went went to Fashion Valley to do some shopping. We also picked up some tea since it’s been cold in SD lately. OMFG I’ve never paid so much for tea ever in my life. 2 scoops of loose leaf tea for frikkin 50 bucks!? Wow. Anyway, we watched Astro Boy as we stuffed our faces full of cupcake and sipped our over priced tea. I love just hanging out at home and doing things like baking cupcakes with my boo. As I told my friend Tommy, the simple things in life are what makes life special…especially when it’s with the one you love.



I just wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING (er, belated that is). Pooh and I went to Pooh’s mom’s to enjoy some delicious Chinese food. There was turkey, ham, lechon, and A LOT of chinese food. Every year Pooh’s mom gets food from Golden Chopsticks in National City. I wasn’t able to visit my family in Temecula today so I went with Pooh to his mom’s house. The food was delicious and I was stuffed!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I’m hoping to blog about our Florida trip soon. Our days off are Sundays and Mondays so I hope I have some time to post it then. :) Take care everyone!



Pooh and I are on our flight back to San Diego. I am loving United. It’s very comfortable and spacious, there’s an in flight movie, a great (for a plane) food selection, seats are comfy, and it’s been a pleasant trip so far. We flew from Jacksonville to Washington Dulles, then transfered onto this flight to San Diego. This flight is about 5 hours long; currently, we have about 3.5 hrs left. They’re playing Harry Potter: The Half Blood Prince. Pooh and I shared a Roast Beef Sandwich with Kettle Chips. Pooh got himself Bailey’s on the rocks and I got a Cab and a Toblerone – I think red wine and chocolate pair nicely. :) Now that I’ve finished my wine I’m a bit sleepy. We got up at 6am to get ready for our flight. I’ll be posting this to my blog as soon as we land.

Wuhoo! Just landed! :)



So Pooh and I are on the plane to florida. I hope to post via my awesome G1 super phone when we land. Actually, we’re on our way to Charlotte, North Carolina and will then transfer onto a flight to Florida. My nerves have kind of calmed since I’ve indulging myself to a couple drinks. The Pomegranite Martini is quite tasty!

We have a delay when we land until our next flight. We’re not quite sure what we’ll do to pass the time but I suppose a few more drinks wouldn’t hurt. :)

Pooh is playing solitaire on his G1 while I type away on mine. Pooh is sitting aisle side while I sit in the center seat. Our neighbor occupying the window seat seems nice – quiet and basically slept the whole way through. I still find it amazing whenever I glance out the window and see that we’re hovering above clouds. I mean, we’re in a giant metal contraption shooting through the sky; it’s not natural!
I’ve always had dreams where I was flying and found myself playing in the clouds. This, in a way, feels as though I’m dreaming. The sun is painting the sky in a lush of oranges, pinks, blues, and purple. It’s a beautiful sight actually. I’d love to snap a picture but I think it’d be a bit rude to interrupt my neighbor.
It should be 3:46pm but it’s as though we’re flying through a vortex into the future. The cabin is getting dark and the sun has set so quickly! I look around and see people reading, using their laptops, and people sleeping. Then I look at my babe and he’s smiling at me while munching on some mini oreos that we bought with our martinis. He’s so cute! I am so happy that I’m able to experience things like this with him.

We should be landing soon. I had a bit of a nap right after take off but I think I’ll try and take another before we land. I’ll try to make another mobile post during our trip soon!




Pooh and I will be traveling to Florida this Thursday to photograph a wedding. The handsome couple were impressed by Pooh’s photography and invited us to document their union. Both of them also happen to be long time readers of my blog!

Tommy & Oliver were married November 13th, 2009 and will be having a lovely wedding ceremony on the 21st. Pooh and I will be there to take the most amazing and beautiful pictures that we can! We are both so happy that we will be able to share in their celebration and be a part of such a significant moment. It is so beautiful to see another couple that share a love so strong and pure. Even though I have been with Pooh for 8 years now, I find it inspiring and am sure others do too. Love is indeed rare but not unattainable. Congrats guys!

We’ll also be treating this trip as a vacation. We’ll be departing San Diego on Thursday and will be returning Monday. We’ll have lots of time to enjoy ourselves while we’re in Florida. We’ll definitely have lots to blog about when we return!