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Pooh and I went to Numbers with some friends a couple nights ago. I’ve posted some pics. :)


What’s for dinner?

Pooh and I were going to make Procuito shrimp and a side of salad for dinner, but then we thought….why not just make a yummy shrimp salad? :)

It was truly, simply, scrumptulescent!


TLR Update!

Wow has time flown by! I’ve just went through a month’s worth of emails that I saved and meant to respond to but didn’t get to. If you recently sent me an email or a question and I haven’t gotten back, please resend and I’ll do my best to get back.

I’ll be updating my blog link list soon! If you’d like to be added to my list, please send me a comment on this post (or an email) and I’ll try to add you at my earliest convenience. I have several requests from emails that I just now got to so hopefully they’ll be up soon :)

According to my webcounter below…I’m almost at 100,000 hits. Perhaps we must all celebrate? I don’t know what we should do to celebrate. Maybe I’ll have Tigguhh think of something. Any requests? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear what you guys think :)


I’m off to cook dinner with Pooh…Procuitto Shrimp and yummy Salad :)


1408 Trailer

Sometimes I wonder about characters in these types of films. People tell them not to go somewhere because they’ll get killed or it’s dangerous…but they still go. Hubris is definitely the fate of man. Anyway, it looks like a pretty good movie. I probably wouldn’t watch it though. I can’t watch thrillers or scary movies because I have high anxiety and my chest can’t take it. Bleh…


Wednesday Night Fun :)

Pooh and I went out with some friends on wednesday night. We had a blast!

lol mexican food at 2am…drunk and sleepy…and yes…work at 9am the next day.

but we’re still having a blast!

ahh…good times :)


Home sweet home : update

Pooh and I have been slowly adjusting to our new home. We’ve been adding to our collection of furniture, home accessories, kitchen supplies, etc. We’ve decided to hold off on painting until we’ve freed up our schedules. I thought I’d share with you guys some images of our sweet abode :)

We found a cute dinette :) I got the orchids because I love orchids. They remind me of my grandmother.

Pooh got a wireless keyboard and mouse to control his macbookpro while attached to the TV. It’s pretty nifty :) Yea, I know…we’re nerdy tech freaks.

I can’t wait to see what our spotlights will look on the walls after they’re painted!

Ahhhh….home sweet home :)

So far, our livingroom seems to be getting filled. Our dining room is still empty…as is the kitchen and our bedroom. Our bathroom is pretty cute but I forgot to take pictures of it!


Week and Weekend party nights recap! Pt. 2

Saturday Night – Numbers!

Hat Hair :)

Where’s the alcohol? Pooh and I invited our friends to our house to “pre-party”, but ended up just having the whole “party” there…and then migrating to Rich’s afterwards :)


Week and Weekend party nights recap! Pt. 1

Hm…long title…I know. :)

Pooh and I met up with a couple friends for $1 well drinks at Flicks on Wednesday night! Afterwards, we hit up Rich’s to get our dance groove motion on…yea…it was shnazzy!

Round 1:

round 2:

Jo decided to throw her middle finger in there…

I think this was round 4? or 5…I dunno there were a lot of rounds that night.

We had a great night! What made it even better, was that we live just a block away…so we walked our drunk asses home :)


Drunken Olives

Pooh and I went wine tasting in Temecula a couple of weeks ago. One of the vineyards, La Cereza, had the most awesome drunken olives (stuffed with minced pimento in Vermouth) I’ve ever tasted. I love olives!