After having backed up all my photos and data from my old phone to my new phone, I had a chance to lookback at all my old photos.   I suddenly was like, man…before instagram, tumblr, and facebook…all I had was my blog.   Nowadays I run into people that would say “I used to read your blog”.  Of course, not so much anymore because I haven’t really been active.  I’ve been mostly posting quick moments on instagram and then when I was bored (and horny) I’d mindlessly scroll through tumblr.  I guess I gravitate to them more because of the social aspect; there’s more interaction.  When it comes to my blog, I feel I’m just talking to myself and every now and then some kind soul would leave a comment. 

I guess my job and repetitive weekly cycle (work, eat, drink, sleep, work  eat, drink, sleep, video games, party on the weekend then repeat) has also made me feel like my life was less postworthy.  I figure, why would I post about going to the same bar every weekend and even the same restaurants that I always eat at?  I used to post about our random adventures, food trips, and stuff I was excited about.  Yes, there’s the “other kind of posts” that I’d do but even then somehow I’ve turned into such a prude.  What’s gotten into me?  *Gasps?!*  Am I getting old???  Am I now realizing this and am now having some pre-midlife crisis? 

A friend of mine decided to deactivate his Facebook so he can focus on his school and on himself.  I’m thinking of perhaps using my other forms of social media less so I can focus more on my blog and look inward.  I miss blogging and I think I’ve forgotten what I originally wanted this blog to be.  I wanted this to be my digital diary…my fun filthy NSFW online memoir.  No cares or fucks, no rhyme nor reason, my life my penis.  Lol. 

Anyway, you’re also probably wondering about the member’s section.   My lack of Web design skills and knowledge of servers, live web chat etc, had me at a stand still and well…I’ve been putting it off.  For now, I think I may have found a temporary solution for that one part of the member’s section that I wanted to implement. 


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  1. Galanton says:

    Nice! I’m so looking forward to this!

  2. Drewbie says:

    Welcome back :)

  3. simon says:

    Hi tiggah: I really love your blog. Please keep it going. Also excited that you are going to be on chaturbate. What’s your username? Maybe I take you private sometime…..


  4. ricky says:

    We all go through days when we feel we don’t get the attention we want, especially in this age of social media where everyone wants to be liked and shared. It feeds the ego and it gets addicting. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. Just be aware that it’s a human thing.

    So, chaturbate. Never seen this site. Does that mean members get to interact with you? Hmmmm. :)

  5. mike says:

    it happens to all the bloggers. i for one lost count on how many times i want to end it. but every now and then, i tried to look back at the reason why i actually started it and this helps me continue what i’m doing…whether i have a reader or not.

  6. Dave says:

    So when will you begin chaturbating? Your audience awaits!

  7. uwearbench says:

    Excited to see you on chaturbate

  8. Cary says:

    I think you turned me on to CB in the first place … incredible! Occasionally I thought I saw you, but it was just guys who look VERY much like you. ;-)

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