We picked up a Samsung Gear VR for Xmas and it is pretty awesome!  It seems 2016 will be the year of Virtual Reality since there are a couple different companies expecting to release their versions of virtual reality headsets.  Oculus Rift, Sony Playstation VR, HTC Vive Pre, and the Microsoft Hololens are just a few that come to mind.  I’m excited for Sony’s VR since I have a PS4.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Samsung Gear VR, but I was pleasantly surprised.  My first time using it I kept saying “omg this is so cool!!!”, and must have looked like a complete dork.  Most of the stuff I’ve tried so far were less interactive and more like watching  (or walking/moving within) a really cool 3d 360 movie.  It’s kind of one of those things you really have to just experience for yourself because words just can’t describe the experience.  I just can’t wait to see how it’s implemented with the Playstation.  So excited!  But not excited about the price tag.  Any of you have the Samsung Gear VR?  Leave a comment and share your experience.  I haven’t used the Gear VR much.  I just got my phone (Samsung 6Edge) fixed so I can actually use the headset more.

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