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12 Comments to “CHEST & BACK, BUT MOSTLY BACK”

  1. Marcus Y. says:


  2. doller says:

    I love it

  3. alphacypher says:

    wow…. Erny is a lucky guy…. (and u 2 btw!)

  4. Mopz says:

    Woah, your hiney got toned HARD. :O

  5. jan says:

    missing your dick

  6. Whoah…that’s HOT!!! =)

  7. westseattleboy says:

    And a very nice back that is! :-)

  8. chester says:

    more than the hot body, i envy so much that you could be so free in life and express yourself for the world to see…i hope i could also be even just a bit…my life is complicated…i wish breaking free was easy….

  9. RedWayne says:

    i miss your dick tiggah!!! update some PLEASE! :D

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