Pooh and I went to a new spot in Hillcrest called Akinori. The service was friendly and the sushi was pretty delicious. We got the Cajun Albacore, the Pizza roll, and the Kill Bill. I loved the first two but the Kill Bill had slices of lime on top that left a bitter after taste; the rinds were cut too thick I guess. It was yummy when I took the limes off so I wouldn’t say it was bad. The Nigiri was a bit pricy but I’m curious to try them next time to see if they’re amazing or made of unicorns. They just opened recently so I’m sure they’ll make a lot of improvements after a while. I’m excited to try eating there again soon…especially since they’re only a block away from my apartment. :)





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  1. alphacypher says:

    Hi Carl!

    Just a word to tell you I love this pic… don’t know why… I just love it.

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