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On our last day in SF Pooh, David, and I had brunch with a friend before we left for San Diego. He’s been a fan of my blog for a LONG TIME, and has even been a fan even before my blog. It was great to be able to spend some time together before we headed out.  We were going to go to some place called Cafe Mystere, but we were sitting for quite a long time waiting for a waiter to take our order.  We were much too hungry so we decided to eat elsewhere.  The 4 of us ended up having brunch at a Dim Sum place in the Castro.  Unfortunately, it was not so great and Pooh’s cup of water had someone’s lipstick on the brim!  Despite the mediocre food, Al was very hospitable.  It was also very sweet of Al to give me and Pooh a little souvenier to remember our time in SF – a beautiful bottle of St. Germain liqueur!  Pooh and I will definitely save it for a special occasion.  Thanks again!

There’s more highlights from our SF Pride trip to come!  Stay tuned!



I’ve uploaded photos from SF Pride 2009 to my Galleries section. There is one gallery for images taken with my digital camera and another for images taken with my Nikon D80. I’ll be posting highlights from the trip soon! Meanwhile, feel free to browse the galleries.

On a totally unrelated subject, my twitter is still unsearchable in the “name search” since my account is still new. Let me know if you are having trouble adding me and I’ll add you myself :)



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