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under the weather…way under

I’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately. Well…it seems more like “directly under a rainstorm” under. I think it’s stress related. It may even be that I’m going through some kind of mild depression or something. I was bored and googled my symptoms. Most of the links pointed to depression.

Minor depression is defined as a mood disturbance of at least 2 weeks’ duration, with between two and five symptoms of depression, including depressed mood, diminished interest, weight change, sleep disturbance, psychomotor changes, fatigue, feelings of worthlessness, poor concentration, and recurrent thoughts of death. Patients with this condition may have fewer vegetative symptoms (appetite, diurnal mood variation) and more subjective symptoms (self-blame, worry, irritability, lethargy).

I tell Pooh that I might be going through depression or some kind of pre-midlife-crisis but he thinks I’m just being facetious; and I am…kinda. I think we all use humor to hide our insecurities. I’m a very optimistic, happy, positive person. I don’t actually express my negative feelings and inner emotions very well. I usually keep those feelings to myself. I actually don’t really have anyone to speak to about my problems besides Pooh.

I don’t want to worry any of my readers or anything. It’s not like I’ve been properly diagnosed. I think it might just be that work has been really stressful. I’ve also been having some personal/relationship issues that I’ve been dealing with. I try to stay positive and tell myself that there is a gleam of light at the end of the tunnel, but my self responds back and says that it’s slowly fading.


Beach Day

Pooh, Tribal, and I went to Black’s Beach to enjoy the beautiful San Diego weather last weekend. For those of you not familiar with the area, Black’s Beach is a “clothing optional” beach. We decided to go there because it’s a beautiful beach and the hike down is pretty fun. No, we did not strip down and frolic the beach nude. Instead, we relaxed in the sun and splashed around in the waves!



Looks like Brent Corrigan marked his territory! He’s one of my favorite pornstars. I’ve been a long time fan of his :)


MMM Food!

The past couple of days Pooh and I have been trying new things.

We went to a Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaw Daddddddddys in Clairemont! I have been wanting to go there for a long time so I was pretty excited. I absolutely love seafood and I love crawfish! Our waitress was extremely pleasant and the food was delicious. I can’t wait to go back.

We also went to Taste of Thai one night…and then Amarin the very next. My most favorite cuisine is Thai so I don’t mind having it two nights in a row. There are 6+
Thai restaurants in Hillcrest area so it’s interesting to see how each one differs in taste and presentation.

Taste of Thai was good…but unfortunately my food was a little under-seasoned and my chicken was very dry. I also asked for very spicy…but it came out pretty mild. Pooh’s entree was good but his chicken was also pretty dry. The place looked a little bit on the “classy” side so I was expecting a little bit more in terms of flavor and quality. I think it was still very yummy, but a little over priced for what it was. Perhaps we’ll try it again another night and maybe it might be better.

The next day we decided to try Amarin for lunch. We live just a block away but for some reason we’ve never had the chance to eat there. Every time we go there’s always a line out the door so we figure we’d just go across the street to Bai Yook since there’s usually a seat for us. We’ve heard by many people that Amarin is the best Thai food by far in the area so I was excited to try it.

I was extremely impressed! Amarin is now my favorite restaurant. The menu had a very large and interesting selection. I wanted to order everything on the menu because it all looked very good!

I had the Basil Eggplant with chicken and Pooh had the BBQ Chicken. Mine was perfectly seasoned and had just the right amount of heat and spice. The texture of the eggplant was very nice. Most places where I’ve ordered the same dish usually had very mushy eggplant drenched in oil. All the flavors in this dish played nicely together in perfect harmony. Pooh and I couldn’t stop saying how incredible the food tasted. Pooh’s dish was very impressive. It came out on a hot plate and smelled delicious. To our surprise, the waiter poured some orange sauce on it. The sizzle and crackling was a very nice touch and complimented the crunchiness of the chicken’s skin. His chicken was very juicy and tender. Pooh always orders bbq chicken whenever he goes to a Thai restaurant and this is by far the best we’ve ever had. I definitely recommending trying Amarin if you are ever in Hillcrest.


RC’s Bday Bash!

So many birthdays these past 2 months! Last night we went to The Flame to celebrate Tribal’s roommate’s birthday. The theme of this party was “operation make RC yak”. By the end of the night…mission accomplished.


New Hair…er…No hair :)

So I thought I’d do something different.

I figure change is a good thing.

Pooh really likes it so I guess that’s all that matters :)

Here’s some extra pics I took after I cut my hair :)


Tribal’s bday bash PT2

I’ve finally uploaded my pics to my flickr. Like I said, blogging has been a bit of a pain since it’s falling apart on me. Thanks again for everyone’s kind words. Things are much better now so there’s no need to worry. Pooh and I are very happy together and we always work things out. We’ve been together for 6 years now so we’ve been through a LOT of drama but our love is much too strong to let anything ruin it. Anyway, I’ve posted some pics for those of you too lazy to check out my flickr :)

We had a blast! :)


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